“The Flash” Season 4 will pick up six months after the previous season finale. Season 3 focused on saving Iris West (Candice Patton). As it came to a close, three members of Team Flash bid their goodbyes. Now, fans must watch out to see what awaits the remaining members of the team in Season 4.

Savitar’s vision to kill Iris (Patton) in front of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) came true. Unfortunately, it turned out that the one he killed was H.R. (Tom Cavanagh), who switched places with Iris to save her. After his unexpected death, Team Flash was motivated to finally end things with Savitar.

They’ve defeated the Speedster villain, and for a moment the world was peaceful.

The Unstable Speed Force

Everything was fine until the Speed Force became unstable. Barry Allen entered it to save his family, friends, and Central City. If he did not, the time force will cause a super storm that would hit the city.

According to Hidden Remote, Scarlet Speedster will eventually come back to the world. However, he will show a different side of himself, which is the result of his time in the Speed Force. “I think this experience in the Speed Force has been different for him. This time he sacrificed himself to stabilize it,” Grant Gustin explained during San Diego Comic-Con.

Allen already entered the Speed Force during the previous seasons.

It embodied people in his life to teach him lessons. This time, he will be experiencing things on his own. On the other hand, his fiancée Iris West will show a different side as well in the upcoming season.

As a way to distract herself, Candice Patton shared that she will be taking a leadership role when Season 4 returns. We’re still uncertain if her friend Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) will be back as Killerfrost.

Sadly, the only thing for sure is the villainous trait of Caitlin's Metahuman persona.

What’s next for Team Flash

Team Flash lost a total of three people in Season 3 after H.R; Wells died, Killerfrost on the loose, and Barry Allen entering the Speed Force. Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco Ramon a.k.a. Vibe will be working with Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) to save Central City.

They needed to keep things together while Barry is away.

However, the longing for his return is inevitable. The team feels like it will never be the same without Barry Allen. As for Caitlin Snow, Andrew Kreisberg and Todd Helbing have repeated during interviews that fans will never be disappointed when she returns in “The Flash” Season 4.