During all the drama about her latest track, pop star Taylor Swift is also trying to make time for her personal life – especially when it comes to love. The singer has an extremely notorious reputation when it comes down to finding the “right one” and now it seems like she’s taking the whole dating scene really slowly. While many might think her current relationship is destined to fail, she and actor Joe Alwyn are still happy together. Unlike her past relationships, however, Swift is staying away from the media attention.

Love story again

Following her whirlwind romance with actor Tom Hiddleston, the singer found herself a new boyfriend – actor Joe Alwyn.

The two have been steadily dating – away from the limelight – and it seems like the two are very happy together, according to People.com. An alleged insider claims that they continue to spend time with each other, and Swift is actually happy that she’s keeping her relationship quiet this time around. Because of this, the two have been getting to know each other “without any pressure.”

Additionally, Swift has been spending a lot of time in the U.K. with Alwyn as he continues to film for his upcoming movie, “The Favourite.” When the two are not in the U.K., Alwyn often visits his girlfriend in the States and is happy to spend time with the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer at home. The insider added that the pair “seem to be on the same page” and Alwyn’s getting to know her parents.

Overall, he seems to be an encouraging boyfriend who supports her work. After the Hiddleswift “I Heart Swift” fiasco, it's better for Swift to keep a low profile.

Alluding to her past relationships

Taylor Swift doesn’t seem to be a person to easily let go of a grudge and it's obvious that she’s out for revenge in the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video.

In line with this, one scene opens up with her entering a room filled with backup dancers. She poses and snaps her finger, commanding them to remove their blazers and reveal their “I Heart Swift” shirts.

This is a direct reference to the Fourth of July controversy where Hiddleston was spending his time at the beach with Swift and her friends while wearing a shirt with the same print.

Many critics and fans began to wonder if their relationship was legit or actually forced. Furthermore, there are eight men wearing the shirts in her music video which is a direct reference to her eight breakups. Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” album is scheduled to release on Nov. 10.