“The Flash” Season 4 will premiere without Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Jesse L. Martin, who plays Joe West, shared his thoughts for the upcoming season. Joe is known for being the adoptive father of Allen when the latter lost his family.

Joe West experienced lots of stress in Season 3. It can be recalled that the primary focus of the said season was the death of Iris West (Candice Patton), his only daughter. In the end, thanks to H.R. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) who sacrificed himself and Savitar’s plan did not succeed.

Jesse L. Martin on Barry Allen’s exit

According to Hidden Remote, the 48-year-old actor dishes out his role’s reaction when Barry Allen left. On the other hand, he also shared the pride of seeing Iris West and Wally West (a.k.a. Kid Flash played by Keiynen Lonsdale) working together in the upcoming season.

Season 3 was too focused on saving Iris that no one even realized they should be worrying about The Flash as well. Viewers thought that the recent season would happily end. Unfortunately, Allen entered the Speed Force before anything was finally settled. He aims to stabilize it as it was noticeably causing trouble in Central City.

In result, he had to leave Team Flash behind, his adoptive family and of course, his fiancée.

As expected, Joe West is pretty much worried for the rest of the members including his son Wally and daughter Iris. “Iris lost her fiancé, and he’s very concerned with how she is taking it. Wally has to step up and be ‘The Flash,” Martin explained.

Joe will do a lot of emotional repairing, as he is considered the father figure in the series.

Meanwhile, Wally will work alongside Cisco Ramon, a.k.a. Vibe (Carlos Valdes). They are set to fight more Meta humans in Central City. It is the goal to continue protecting the city despite Barry Allen’s absence. Moreover, there is no denying that The Flash will be missed by everyone.

Joe West will feel proud in Season 4

As a father, Joe is worried about the path that Barry Allen has taken.

However, his children showed him there is no time to waste. While it is okay to be sad about Barry’s absence, Iris and Wally proved how strong they are. This is by stepping up in the midst of the situation.

It was revealed in earlier reports that Iris is going to be the leader of Team Flash. Furthermore, Joe will continue to feel proud as well because Wally does not seem to be a kid anymore, he is stepping up! Can they survive the fight without The Flash? Watch out for more updates about Season 4.