The FlashSeason 4 recently received a new fan poster from Boss Logic. Avid fans of the series already know that things will be a bit different in the upcoming season. Aside from the fact that he had to be away from Team Flash and Iris West (Candice Patton) for the meantime, he is set to face a non-speedster villain.

The details of the episode about The Flash’s future return after his confinement inside the Speed Force is still unavailable. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was dubbed as “The Fastest Man Alive” and he proved this several times by defeating speedster villains in the previous seasons.

Who is the villain in Season 4?

Reverse Flash was the very first villain in season 1. The character was performed by series regular Tom Cavanagh. In season 2, Zoom (Teddy Sears) was featured as well as the villain speedster. Meanwhile, the recently ended season 3 had Savitar, who is also a speedster.

According to Screen Rant, “The Flash” Season 4 will have “The Fastest Man alive vs. The Fastest Mind alive.” Viewers all know that Allen has a complicated life due to complicated decisions he made. With the Thinker as the villain in Season 4, the Scarlet Speedster’s circumstance will certainly not get any better.

New villain, new poster

As mentioned earlier, a talented fan artist under the username Boss Logic shared his idea for a new poster.

He reportedly visualized what is going to happen once the battle begins in Season 4 between The Thinker and The Flash.

On the other hand, the artist admitted that the poster was inspired by Netflix show entitled “Icarus.” As the title suggests, the documentary series features facts about sport. Going back to the fan poster, Boss Logic’s own interpretation had a striking outcome.

The Flash was entwined in the string, where huge hands seem to control every aspect – emotion, circumstance, and his moves. It was basically a puppet scenario!

Boss Logic is known for supplying original fan art to the latest and upcoming shows.

His previous work includes fan art for the DCEU version of the Reverse Flash and the reboot film of "Hellboy." Now, the fan poster for "The Flash" season 4 was just as accomplished and effective as his previous piece.

“He has a way of being involved and not being involved at the same time,” showrunner Todd Helbing said as he described The Thinker. Therefore, the “control freak” aspect of the villain certainly suits the new fan poster. In the end, there is no doubt that the fans were hyped after seeing “The FlashSeason 4 fan poster. Watch out for more updates!