"Days Of Our Lives" returns as Abby finally wakes up at the hospital. A familiar face will impersonate while the original deals with the aftermath.

Joey saves Kayla

The soap opera drama will kick off the festivities as a crisis arises inside the hospital. Kayla woke up seeing Tripp armed with a pillow. She tried explaining her side, but Tripp doesn't have it. He then used a scalpel to keep the distance between them and the other people.

According to Soaps SheKnows, Joey will put himself in danger. He and Patch previously had a conversation that Tripp believes his mom killed Ava.

The last episode ended with Patch as he tries to pacify Tripp, Joey, on the other hand, might do something to protect her. Will they be able to save Kayla? What will happen next between the guys?

Victor vs. Brady

The Monday episode also features an update on Brady and Victor. The two had been fighting over the latter's connection with Nicole who was seen leaving his room.

In addition to this, Brady and Paul that Victor might have hired Xander to kill Deimos. They even got a lead which might put Victor on the spot. The "Days of Our Lives" spoilers said that Paul and Brady are looking forward from learning the truth. Meanwhile, there are things that Victor should confess including his mysterious call about Sonny's release.

Hattie and Bonnie bring some hell to DOOL

The weekly preview, on the other hand, shows John and "Marlena" reuniting once again. John even brought flowers for her, but it seems like his lover feels quite distant. It was later revealed that the real Marlena got stuck in an asylum while the copycat is now roaming free. There is also a chance that Hattie will endanger Marlene's relationship with John.

Previous episodes proved that Hattie succeeded in kidnapping and admitting Marlena as a schizophrenic patient. She later the doctor in charge that "Hattie" might try telling her that she's Dr. Evans herself.

Aside from Hattie, another doppelganger will head to "Days of Our Lives." Bonnie bears some resemblance to Adrienne. She is set to make some noise as she impersonates a prominent member of the Kiriakis family.

The Aug. 9 episode on Wednesday hints that Hattie will break her new ally out of Statesville in order to make their plans happen.

Abby wakes up!

This week, Chad and Abby might reunite once again, but it will have a different ending. Abby may have destroyed the evidence, but in the end, Chad did kill Deimos. Not everyone is happy that Abby decided to make the courageous move that left her unconscious for quite some time.

The first week of August let the viewers know that Chad wanted to change his ways. Everyone noticed Chad's new way of thinking. Meanwhile, Gabi felt guilty after hearing his heartfelt confession to his wife. What will happen now that Abby is awake? Will she remember what happened before? Can Abby and Chad fix their relationship?