America fell in love with five-year-old Caleb Serrano when he first appeared on "Little Big Shots" hosted by Steve Harvey. He appeared on the daytime talk show "Harry" and on Monday, August 7, he appeared on the "700 Club." When he was a guest with Harry Connick Jr., Harry played the piano while Caleb sat on top of it and sang to an enthusiastic audience.

The pint-sized Worship Leader gives credit to his "poppa" for teaching him the songs he sings. Before Caleb (who has a biblical name) made those recent appearances he was seen and heard by millions in videos on YouTube that have gone viral.


When Caleb sings, people of all ages sit still and pay attention. Those in Caleb's grandfather's church in Greensboro, North Carolina are accustomed to hearing the little worship leader on a regular basis. When he was on the "700 Club," Caleb sat down with his mother, Dee Serrano, who answered questions about the little boy's amazing gift. She talked about how he has been singing since he began talking and how much he loves music. Dee added that Caleb has been a blessing to so many people who are touched by her little one who is also a blessing to her and her family.

Then Caleb's father, Richard Serrano, came out and said similar things about his son. He added that he himself cannot sing; therefore, Caleb did not inherit it from him.

Richard commented on how people from all over the world have connected with his son's singing. He said people from all over the world have reached out to the family to say how much Caleb's singing has touched their lives.

Leading worship

Caleb doesn't just sing. He worships God as he sings, and he leads the audience into worship.

He interacts with his listeners by telling them to stand, clap their hands, and join in on the singing like adult worship leaders do. The songs that the little boy sings are well-known ones that are sung in traditional Baptist churches. One of Caleb's favorite songs is "This Little Light of Mine" that most people know.

He shows a lot of emotion as he sings, and he does it so professionally that while watching him and listening to him, most people forget that he is just a little kid.

Therefore, it is safe to say that he is a little kid with a big voice.

Caleb loves what he does, and he does it just as well as adult worship leaders who do it for a living do. His parents are hoping Caleb will continue to use his gift to touch lives as he grows older.

Have you heard Caleb Serrano sing? What do you think?