Dorit Kemsley was new to "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" last year when the show was filming and despite being good friends with lisa vanderpump, Dorit didn't have it easy. Throughout the season, accusations were made by Lisa Rinna in regards to Dorit and PK’s dinner party. Lisa revealed that she was convinced that the new couple had done drugs during the dinner party and they had all left her behind to do drugs together.

Throughout filming, there had been no evidence of them doing drugs. In fact, the only thing that appeared true about the story was that she had been left at the table alone.

Dorit denied doing drugs at her home and was offended that Rinna would say such a thing, considering she had two small children in the house.

Vanderpump not biting

Despite the rumors that started on the previous season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” it sounds like Vanderpump has just shrugged them off. Dorit Kemsley reveals in a new tweet that Lisa has no problem with her kids and that her son Jagger has an awesome time when he is being watched by Vanderpump and her husband.

Kemsley shared an adorable photo with the three of them together at Lisa's house when she was actually babysitting and watching over Jagger. Clearly, he loves being there, as Lisa and Ken Todd are like family to the Kemsleys and one can imagine Jagger loves all of the attention from the dogs.

They have remained close friends

It sounds like they have remained close friends throughout the year, even though Rinna tried to make Kemsley and her husband look desperate and unsteady. Making the accusation that she was using cocaine during a party seemed outrageous. However, Lisa Rinna may only have proved that she is too dramatic for the show, as she can make up such ridiculous lies.

Fans of the show have absolutely no interest in seeing rumors being made up about people for the sake of entertainment.

As for Lisa, she just wants peace and quiet, but it sounds like she has kept her distance from Rinna. It'll be interesting to see how Dorit tackles Rinna on the upcoming season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" that is currently filming.

One can imagine that Rinna will definitely be back on the show, but Dorit has yet to confirm anything with fans of the show. Maybe she's taking some advice from Lisa.

What do you think about Dorit Kemsley and Lisa Vanderpump staying close friends, even so close that she is now a babysitter to little Jagger?