The week of August 7-11 promises to be one of changes on "The Bold and the Beautiful." There will be relationships ending, others beginning and some in neutral according to spoiler alerts. Both the Spencer and Forrester families will be affected by break ups, make ups, and fresh starts in the area of love and romance.

Eric and Quinn are headed for divorce while Ridge wants to take a break from women

On Friday Eric Forrester went back home, and Quinn thought this indicated he wanted to reconcile. She was shocked when he said their union was over. Quinn begged him not to end their marriage, but spoilers say Eric will insist on divorce.

Steffy is going to want to know what this means for her father and his step mother. She obviously is concerned that now that Eric has kicked Quinn to the curb, Ridge may begin a relationship with his father's wife.

Ridge, however, is considering taking a break from women and focusing on business. It is still however within the realm of possibility that he and Quinn may get together at a later date. Viewers were anticipating these two getting romantic, but will have to wait to see what the writers decide. Right now, Quinn is facing significant changes as Eric wants her and Ridge off of his property.

It stands to reason that Quinn may also be in danger of losing her job at "Forrester Creations." This will leave her with no one to turn to but her son Wyatt, and her ex-husband Deacon Sharpe, who is in jail.

Quinn will have to find somewhere to live, as well as a way to make a living.

Wyatt and Katie take it easy while Thomas is in limbo

Wyatt and Katie have been bonding for several months. While in Monte Carlo they shared their first kiss. These two are probably going to take it slow as both have been burned in the past. There has been a lot of objection to this relationship across the Internet because Wyatt is the son of Katie's ex -husband Bill Spencer, and also the older half brother of Katie's son Will.

Pairing these two is a little too close for most people's comfort.

Thomas is in New York with Caroline Spencer and their son Douglas, because her uncle Bill said she was dying.This put's the relationship between Thomas and Sally Spectra on hold. Eventually, the truth that Caroline does not have the arterminal disease will have to come out.

When it does, Thomas may find that Sally did not wait and had moved on. Stay tuned for more spoiler alerts if you like knowing in advance what may happen on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Watch CBS each week day afternoon to find out if the spoilers are accurate.