Deacon Sharpe has not been seen on "The Bold and the Beautiful" since he went to jail for shooting at Quinn. Spoiler alerts indicate he may resurface with a big secret. It's possible that Quinn and her ex-husband never finalized their divorce. If this is true, it would mean Quinn and Eric's marriage is null and void.

Why did Deacon return to town

Deacon stood by Quinn when she was hiding Liam who was suffering from amnesia. He later tried to change her mind when she admitted to being in love with a much older Eric Forrester. Eventually, Deacon left town and his character were basically out of sight and out of mind.

After not being seen or heard from for months, Deacon Sharpe suddenly returned to L.A. After he admitted he was the one shooting at Quinn, he was arrested.

The reason for Deacon's return to town was never explored because Sheila Carter came back to L.A. at the same time. Since then, the storyline has been revolving around her obsession with her former spouse, Eric. No one even mentions Deacon anymore. Spoiler alerts indicate that Deacon and Quinn may never have been divorced. If this is true, then Mr. Sharpe will be reaching out to touch Quinn from the jail cell. And Shelia Carter will be the least of her worries.

The Deacon and Sheila connection

It does not make sense that Deacon returned just to admit he was shooting at Quinn and never be heard from again.

At this point, that is exactly what has taken place. He was in 2 episodes and then gone. This makes the spoiler alert more plausible. Deacon is in his jail cell until the writers create a way for him to make bail and also make trouble for Quinn.

On Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Sheila Carter was at Eric's telling him her suspicion that something was going on between Quinn and Ridge.

At the same time, Eric's wife and son decided it was best to come clean about their flirtation. At the end of the show, Eric told Sheila to get out of his home. As she was leaving, Ridge and Quinn come through the door.

If the duo confesses to fighting the urge to merge, and Deacon comes out of jail to reveal that he and Quinn were never divorced, everything will change.

If Eric and Qui were never legally married he can put her out immediately. This would make Sheila happy, but what's in it for Deacon? There is no money to be gained by his admitting the truth, so he must have another angle.

Could it be as simple as Deacon not wanting the woman he loves to find happiness with another man? Stay tuned, loyal fans, and find out.