Someone is learning how to woo a Kardashian lately. Kylie Jenner is out of her teen years and she is the CEO of Kylie Cosmetics plus she might be enjoying the beginning of another decade with rapper Travis Scott who went through great ends just to secure the reality star a $60,000 Butterfly necklace.

Kylie Jenner is officially 20 and jeweler Elliot Avianne might have just created the necklace the young businesswoman might wear a lot. It was reported that Travis Scott delivered the 28 Carat jewellery to the celebrant and continued to please her by setting up a private orchestra for her.

Kylie Jenner opens up about her thoughts on her career

But if another decade comes in for the star, it is also joined by a set of responsibilities that made her feel like an adult inside a young body. She is quite busy juggling her new spin-off “Life of Kylie” and her cosmetic company at the same time.

In her show, she also opened up how it was easy to develop a friendship with her employees since they get to bond more while keeping professionalism intact. She even gave the viewers a glimpse of Kylie Lip Kits’ history.

It all started when she was around fifteen and image was already a thing since their reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” remained to air on television. This made her accumulate a lot of insecurities especially with her lips which do not look like what it is now.

Jenner’s growing business and popularity

The reality star was eager to make herself look good using the cosmetics that she loved (and still does), lipsticks. Unfortunately, none of those previous lip cosmetics met her standards and even fixed her insecurity which gave her the idea of actually making one that would later on become a hit – thanks to the help of her social media fans and followers – to most young ladies with the same story as her.

But with its growing popularity followed the rise of fake cosmetics under the same name of her brand. This is not new because fake products from other major cosmetic companies have been a problem for many women since it usually follows negative repercussions towards the user’s skin. For Kylie’s lip kits, the blame ends up in her name and responsibility saying “I just do not want people to think like this is a representation of my product and who I am.”

Kylie Jenner is not a child anymore and we can get a glimpse of how she manages work and friendships in “Life of Kylie” airing on Sundays.