Being a celebrity requires you to be an open book, or observers will read you and fabricate juicy stories that look authentic. Some stars know how to play their games though, one of the best examples are the Kardashians. Their mother, Kris Jenner, has taught them right, and they know how to respond to rumors with new photos.

Kylie is following her sister's footsteps

Kylie Jenner is trending. She is slowly transforming into her sister’s Kim Kardashian way of life and its evident due to the many physical aspects she is switching to, including Kim's lifestyle.

It is also speculated that Kylie will be dropping a sex tape very soon.

Kim Kardashian marriage to Kanye West might have inspired Kylie to exclusively date rappers. Kylie began dating Travis Scott just weeks after calling it quits with Tyga, and it looks like the relationship is growing at a rocket speed. Rumors about them living together started to circulate immediately they got together.

Baseless rumors that Kylie is pregnant

Recently, another set of rumors began to circulate that Kylie Jenner was pregnant with Travis Scott’s child.The allegations came from a magazine that claimed they were expecting their first child together in their five-month relationship. The also added that Kris Jenner was furious after discovering Kylie was becoming a mom at 20-a “young age.” The magazine further claimed that the momager cried upon confirming the “terrible” news and had a heated verbal exchange with soon-to-be mum.

It was alleged that the lovebirds were doing it “raw” and she was telling people that Travis was a baby daddy material. Kylie was moving fast, and she had said Travis was laughing off her story, but he would be surprised after realizing it was true. Kylie is just 20 years old, and she a member of the Kardashians family that holds many parties in a week.

She gets paid to attend some of the parties.

In one of the parties, her friends noticed she wasn’t drinking and used the evidence she was knocked up. Kylie told them she was focusing on her new makeup line. Some thought she was staying away from the spotlight until she was ready to break the news.

Moreover, the tabloid's source further insinuated that Kylie would make a reality show out of her pregnancy and she wasn’t pushing Travis for an engagement, knowing that putting her parenting on camera would grow her audience.

Anyone could only look at Jenner’s Instagram wall to know the truth. It was later confirmed the tabloid’s report was a 100 percent false.

Kylie took to Instagram and posted some sizzling pics to celebrate her company, Kylie Cosmetic’s slight growth in just 18 months. She told her interviewers that she was planning to set up her own stores where people can experience her cosmetics. Judging by the pics, there was no evidence she is expecting, at least not now. Only time can tell.