Chelsea DeBoer has been on "Teen Mom 2" since the show began several seasons ago. She has filmed the show since the beginning, but much of her storyline has been about whether she could make peace with Aubree's father, Adam Lind. For years, fans watched as Chelsea tried to convince him to come back to her so they could be a family and the storyline did grow to be a bit tiring after a few seasons.

But these days, Chelsea is moving on with her life and she currently has a son with her husband, Cole DeBoer. This little happy family is now filming "Teen Mom 2" and it sounds like Aubree and Watson Cole enjoyed being part of a structured family.

A young driver

Even though Chelsea has filmed "Teen Mom 2" for years, there are many things that fans don't know about her. Because her storyline has been focused on Adam, there are many smaller facts that fans simply don't know about her. For one, she actually got her license at a much younger age than anyone else.

As it turns out, Chelsea was able to take her license at the tender age of 14 because that is the legal driving age in South Dakota. This was two years before she got pregnant with Aubree, and she recently reminisced on Twitter about driving to school at 14, jamming out to Grillz.

The second thing that fans may not know about is the fact that her father Randy allowed her to drive to school at the age of 14.

Not many parents would be as supportive as Randy, especially since many parents believe that the age of 16 is still too young for young kids to get their license.

One can imagine that Chelsea is very responsible and she would never mess around with her own life and possibly with her father's car. These days, she has revealed that she is very responsible as an adult and she can clearly take care of herself, even though she gets put through quite the obstacles thanks to Lind.

Adam Lind just won't quit

On "Teen Mom 2," Chelsea still has to deal with Adam Lind and his decision to not be present for Aubree as she grows up. Adam keeps blaming MTV and their decision to film certain scenes, while the crew tries to be very supportive and understanding of the situation. It sounds like he just wants to blame other people when he makes his mistakes, but Chelsea is trying to take responsibility for her mistakes.

Perhaps that is why she was able to drive herself to school at the age of 14 and have the full trust of the father in doing so.

What do you think about Chelsea DeBoer driving herself to school at the age of 14? Are you surprised that she was able to get her license at such a Young Age?