Fredrik Eklund and his husband Derek Kaplan announced on Thursday that they were going to be parents to twins. This was their fourth attempt to get pregnant and they were excited about the news that they were going to be parents to a little boy and a little girl. On previous seasons of "Million Dollar Listing New York," Fredrik and Derek opened up about their surrogacy journey, revealing that they had miscarried twice already just last year and that after announcing their first pregnancy with twins they had miscarried.

It was clearly an emotional time for Fredrik, who wasn't sure about involving the public in this new pregnancy.

He was scared of getting his heart broken once again. However, when he announced a pregnancy on "Million Dollar Listing New York," fans were thrilled for him and they were excited to learn that he was going to be a father very soon.

Will Fredrik slow down?

On the previous season of "Million Dollar Listing New York," Derek had expressed concern about Fredrik becoming a father because he didn't know how to slow down. Fredrik revealed that he was devastated and shocked to learn that he could possibly face the situation of being childless because his husband was not supportive of his busy career.

Derek expressed concern that he didn't want to become a stay-at-home dad and put his career of being an artist on hold so Fredrik could chase down sales and leads all hours of the day, nights and weekends.

So is Fredrik willing to slow down his work to become a father? Based on his Instagram posts, it sounds like Eklund is doing anything but slowing down. He has revealed that he loves what he does and that his work is important. But Fredrik has done something major to show his husband that he is indeed willing to slow down when it comes to having a family.

Connecticut home helps

Last year, Fredrik and his husband Derek invested in a house in Connecticut. Almost every weekend, they head up to the country to enjoy some time alone. During this time, Fredrik goes to church, they spend time outside with their dogs, and he reveals that Derek paints while Fredrik writes his book. It sounds like this is the perfect place to raise children on the weekends and to get away from the big city.

Even though Fredrik's real estate results are amazing, it sounds like he is going to slow down once his twins are born. Until then, it sounds like he will remain busy and do everything he possibly can to prove to his children that hard work pays off no matter what.

What do you think about Fredrik Eklund still working hard as his due date is approaching? Do you think he's ready to become a father and leave his real estate responsibilities on the shelf for a while?