Andy Cohen has been the host for the reunion specials for all of the "Real Housewives" shows over the years. Because he has been involved for so long and has developed some personal relationships with these wives, he has often been accused of having favorites.

For example, Andy has always been accused of having a special relationship with Bethenny Frankel, which is why she's currently filming her third reality show for the Bravo network. Fans of these franchises understand that Cohen plays a role in the production of the shows and even hosts the "Watch What Happens Live" after the show where fans get to call and ask the wives questions about the shows.

Should he interfere?

But it sounds like some viewers want Andy Cohen to step in and take action when it comes to Tamra Judge and her parent alienation case with Sidney Barney. For a long time, Tamra had no interest in discussing her Parental Alienation case on the show, and it only surfaced on a reunion special after Tamra was asked about it. She was completely devastated and revealed that she had absolutely no interest in making this public.

Within a year, Judge had dished all of the details and her daughter Sidney was not happy about it. Yesterday, Sidney released a Facebook post about the case, saying that she wanted her mother to be quiet about their situation. It is clear that Sidney is disappointed in her mother for speaking out and she would prefer to keep things private between them.

Because the mother-daughter situation is now spilling out onto social media, it sounds like some fans want Cohen to go to step in and dictate what could show up at the shop.

Should she be fired to protect her daughter?

One Twitter follower pointed out that she should be removed from the show and that Andy Cohen should step in and fire her. It is one thing to use parental alienation case to get sympathy from users, but it is quite another when Sidney herself feels attacked and has to lash out on social media to let her mother know how she feels.

It is also immature for Judge to retaliate on social media, writing that she feels like she's only good enough when Sidney wants something financial from her, such as her college tuition.

The reality is that Andy Cohen probably won’t be stepping in to remove Tamra from the show. She is probably very entertaining and very profitable for the network because she keeps sharing her personal problems with the world. It doesn't help Tamra in the least that her daughter Sidney is reaching out on social media, sharing her views on the entire situation. But it probably helps the Bravo network to make money.

If Tamra really wanted to work things out with her daughter Sidney, she should leave the show and listen to Sidney’s requests; put her daughter first and her bank account second.

Do you think Andy Cohen should step in and fire Tamra Judge because of this parental alienation case?