Jeremy Clarkson, the well-known English TV presenter, has been hospitalized with pneumonia. There will be no racy cars or wild destinations for a while as the presenter, best known for Top Gear, recuperates in hospital. The 57-year-old is currently in Spain, spending a week on holiday with his family in Mallorca before he continues filming his new Amazon Prime show, "The Grand Tour".

Why is he in hospital?

According to a "The Grand Tour" spokesperson, Clarkson was admitted to hospital on Friday morning with pneumonia. The presenter doesn't seem to be in terribly low spirits though, as he has been his usual perky self on social media.

He posted a photo of his medical bracelets on Instagram with the caption, "Not the sort of bangles I usually choose on holiday," according to CNN. He also joined a Twitter conversation with his friend, Jemima Goldsmith, telling the British journalist that he was spending his holiday reclining in a wheelchair, hooked up to hospital tubes.

It is expected that Clarkson will make a full recovery in the near future and will return to filming his new show. This is the second time this year that one of the former "Top Gear" presenters have been admitted to hospital. According to BBC News, Richard Hammond had to be rushed to hospital in Switzerland after crashing a super car in June this year while filming for "The Grand Tour." Hammond narrowly escaped the car as it exploded and in a statement the star claimed that he really thought that he was going to die.

Looking forward

Once Clarkson is recovered he will continue filming his Amazon Prime, "The Grand Tour" show with fellow presenters, Richard Hammond and James May. The trio were originally the stars of BBC's "Top Gear" but this ended when Clarkson had an altercation with producer, Oisin Tymon in 2015, according to BBC News.

While Clarkson was fired, both Hammond and May chose to leave the BBC and join Clarkson in his new endeavors.

It seems to have been an excellent choice too. According to Amazon, the "Grand Tour" broke the Amazon Prime video audience record, with it's first show. As always, it is the chemistry between the trio that draws the viewers, no matter what the show may be. Fans of the former "Top Gear" aren't complaining about what is essentially just a name change.

Clarkson will return to filming for the show next week. The second season of "The Grand Tour" does not yet have a confirmed release date but it is expected that it will be released in early November. This means that Clarkson and the guys have a lot of work to do as "Top Gear" and "The Grand Tour" fans wait with bated breath.