Maci Bookout from "Teen Mom OG" announced that she and her husband would be buying a clothing company a couple of years ago. The couple bought "Things That Matter," which was a clothing company that had been launched a few years prior. Maci revealed that her husband Taylor McKinney really wanted to own his own business and he invested in this T-shirt company with the goal of making it a big success.

Perhaps he believed that he and Maci could make this a huge success, given their following from "Teen Mom OG" and their skills in social media interaction.

As the "Things That Matter" brand is all about highlighting and celebrating the things in life that really matter, they may have thought that many fans wanted to buy the clothing. The things that truly matter includes the love for their family, their friends, relationships, and having children.

Wrong branding?

However, it sounds like the company is going through another set of criticism as the brand is being labeled as a design company rather than a T-shirt company. This is far from the first time that Maci and Taylor have faced criticism over the brand. When they first bought the business and launched the first line of products, Maci and Taylor were criticized for having extremely high prices for what fans were getting.

They wanted a lot of money for a simple T-shirt that probably cost them a fraction to create. Given that their fan base are "Teen Mom OG" viewers, they didn't have $40 or $50 to spend on a T-shirt.

"Can someone explain what makes these clothes special? Just because it says "TTM" on it? These look no more interesting than what you'd find at an Old Navy.

This isn't clothing design" one person wrote to Bookout.

This new criticism is all about how the company is branding itself. According to a new Instagram post, it sounds like Maci and Taylor are being criticized for calling their company a clothing design business. As one fan pointed out, printing a logo on a shirt should not be considered clothing design as all they're doing is selling T-shirts with a statement on it.

No designs

Of course, Maci and Taylor take the business very seriously and they're planning on making it a huge success, so they can live happily long after "Teen Mom OG" comes to an end. Maci Bookout has probably prepared herself for the date that MTV will no longer be filming the show with her, but one can imagine that she's not exactly ready for it to happen right now. She could be working hard on this Clothing Line to make it a success so receiving such comments that her clothing line should not be considered fashion design may be a fair criticism. One can imagine that Taylor is not exactly happy about it.

Perhaps Taylor and Maci are thinking about how they can make their T-shirts more sophisticated so it's not just a T-shirt business with the logo on it.

Instead, they may be thinking about how they can step it up and create shirts that truly transcend the standard T-shirt brand. However, it may take time and money to do this, and it may be money that's coming from MTV.

What do you think about Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney's T-shirt business? Do you think the criticism about the clothing line not being a fashion brand or a fashion design business is truly fair?