Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra decided to launch a clothing line last year after realizing that they had a passion to create children's clothing. Perhaps the “Teen Mom OG” couple followed in the footsteps of their co-star, Maci Bookout, as they decided to design and manufacture their own clothing inspired by their daughter Nova.

Over the past couple months, the couple has been sharing pieces from their clothing line on social media and Tyler has revealed that they're very busy creating the fall line for the business. It sounds like this particular business is meant to be the perfect business for them going forward and it sounds like they're hoping it will become a huge success.

Of course, many of the "Teen Mom OG" stars are working hard to create various sources of income as they have relied on the reality show for years. It sounds like they really want the clothing line to become a success so they can continue making money after the MTV show has come to an end.

Too expensive for fans

However, Catelynn and Tyler's clothing business has received criticism before as Tyler and Catelynn shared a picture of a kid model with clothing that was clearly too small. The photo was quickly removed from social media as Tyler realized that it was slightly inappropriate. But it sounds like they are now facing more criticism as the prices to ship the products is way too high.

While the products themselves may be justified in price, it sounds like the shipping is way too expensive for some people to buy the clothing.

Getting the shipping costs down may result in more sales. As one fan pointed out, Catelynn and Tyler should drop the expensive boxes and fancy packaging that helps them run the business, and instead focus on cheaper shipping methods, even if it is shipped in a plastic bag.

"Cute stuff! Shipping needs to be fixed, almost the cost of the product to ship will kill your business.

Skip the boxes and switch to plastic bags. I order mine from Amazon and ship adult sweatshirts etc. certainly a kids t shirt would fit! Best wishes!!"

Of course, this may go against everything that Tyler and Catelynn want for their business, but at the end of the day, they won't have a business if people don't buy the products.

It may be wise for them to listen to what their fans have to say in terms of shipping, as it may result in more sales.

Giving back in a different way

Tyler and Catelynn are very proud of the products they are selling as they are made in the United States and many of the products’ components come from their home state of Michigan. If they lowered the shipping cost and went with the practical plastic back to ship the products, they could donate some of the money that they earned from the business to charities in Michigan to help locally. In reality, not many people care too much about the shipping package. They may not care if they get this clothing in a plastic bag or box. Chances are that the box will be thrown out anyway once the clothing arrives.

Hopefully, Tyler and Catelynn will take the advice into consideration and lower the shipping cost, as this particular detail could result in them not getting enough sales. It would be a shame if this business didn't survive because shipping costs were too high because they insisted on branded packaging.

What do you think about Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra getting advice from their fans about their business? Do you think that they should listen to the advice they're getting?