Taylor Swift's mom, Andrea Swift, has taken the stand during her daughter's trial, in which DJ David Mueller is suing Taylor Swift after she claimed he sexually assaulted her. Andrea spoke about the Incident at Denver federal court on Wednesday, August 9. The mom spoke of her shock and disbelief at the groping of her daughter, famed musician Taylor Swift, before a performance in June 2013.

According to US Weekly, Andrea said both herself and Taylor didn't know what to do after DJ David Mueller caught hold of Taylor's backside during a meet-and-greet backstage.

Andrea added that she and her daughter were in shock after the incident occurred and that they had never been in a similar situation previously.

Andrea Swift wanted to keep Taylor focused before performance

The alleged incident took place before one of Taylor's concerts, and mom Andrea revealed she felt the need to keep her daughter focused on the performance. During her testimony, Andrea said she wanted Taylor to feel safe during her performance, adding that if she wasn't focused during her show, there was potential for the stage to be "extraordinarily dangerous" for Taylor. Speaking about the incident, Andrea recounted how she felt at the time and how that influenced the mother's and daughter's actions after it had taken place.

Taylor did not call the authorities immediately after the groping, but DJ Mueller was removed from the premises by security. Andrea explained in court that she wanted to protect her daughter from the potential backlash a public spectacle could cause. The mom felt that keeping the matter private was the best course of action as she didn't want Taylor's future career to be affected by it.

Andrea revealed that both she and Taylor wanted to proceed with the case privately and quietly, adding that despite this, they did not want the incident to be brushed under the carpet.

Taylor Swift's case against DJ David Mueller

The trial began on Monday, August 7, with the jury selection. According to US Weekly, Mueller is suing Taylor Swift for false allegations, with Swift claiming he grabbed her butt under her clothing while a picture was being taken.

Mueller was working for radio station 98.5 KYGO at the time of the assault and was fired after Taylor contacted them and informed them of the incident.

Mueller claims that he is being wrongly accused, and is looking for damages of up to $3 million. He argues that Taylor should have contacted the police immediately after the incident and he reportedly asked her to do so. Taylor is using the case to make a point, saying she wants women who have experienced such incidents to feel they can come forward and publically face the perpetrator. The star is asking for $1.