When Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their separation after eight years of marriage on August 6, the news came as a shock to all. Their fans could not get over the fact that their favorite celebrity couple was calling it quits for good. Pratt and Faris met in 2007 at the table read for “Take Me Home Tonight,” in which they played love interests. They began dating shortly after and were photographed in Indonesia in 2009.

However, they may wish to keep their problems as private as possible for the sake of their son. They still respect each other and may always cherish their time together.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris will continue to have the deepest love for their adorable child. Fans of Anna and Chris have turned against his co-star, Jennifer Lawrence, to accuse her of being the main reason for their separation. Some media outlets also claim that Jennifer Lawrence played a primary role in their decision to divorce.

Is Jennifer Lawrence the main reason?

As of now, Jennifer Lawrence is being blamed for the separation of Anna and Chris. According to the Daily Mail, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris tried on their relationship for several months and were really disappointed because of a lot of things that went wrong between them. They could not resolve private issues so they decided to separate their ways.

Jennifer and Chris starred in 2016’s “Passengers,” and some fans speculate that they grew too close. The Mirror featured several tweets that accused Jennifer Lawrence of getting between Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. The Sun also pulled a move against the actress, leading fans to speculate that Jennifer was the reason for their separation.

Let me here tell you that there is no evidence to prove that Lawrence has had been involved with Chris Pratt.

When did they meet?

In 2007, Pratt and Faris met on the set of “Take Me Home Tonight.” They announced their engagement in 2008 and tied the knot in July 2009. They were residing in Hollywood Hills, California, with their son Jack.

Before Chris Pratt, Anna Faris was in a serious relationship with Ben Indra. They met on the set of “Lovers Lane” in 1999. They announced their marriage in June 2004 and filed for a divorce three years later, citing private issues and irreconcilable differences.

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s son was nine weeks premature and spent several weeks in the NICU before going home. Anna has appeared on the covers and photo sessions of numerous magazines throughout her career; she graced the September 2000 cover of Raygun.

So the question remains, did J.Law homewreck their relationship?