The ball has begun to roll regarding Taylor Swift's Jury in her civil trial against David Mueller, who she accused of groping her during a meet and greet held at the Pepsi Center in 2013.

David Mueller, who was a former KYGO host, was the first one to take action. He said that Taylor falsely accused him of groping her, which led to him losing his job. According to Newsweek, he not only sued Taylor Swift, but also her mother and her radio promotions director, Frank Bell, for 3 million dollars in 2015. He stated that they pressured his employers to terminate his contract and leave him without a job.

Taylor Swift would make the decision to counter-sue Mueller for a symbolic amount, $1. Taylor said that Mueller reached down under her dress and grabbed her bottom during a photo. The photo was sealed under the pretense that it would sway future jurors, but the photograph ended up being leaked in 2016.

Choosing the jury for Taylor's trial won't be easy

The problem with choosing a jury for this trial, is that the jury will have to be completely impartial to Taylor. According to CNN, The jury member cannot be a fan, or have family members who are a fan. They can't be in favor of Taylor because of her social standing or because of her fashion sense, or any other characteristic that Swift has. The same goes for Mueller.

The jury members cannot be biased against Swift either. They cannot dislike Taylor because they hate her music, or dislike her because of the time she did not release her music on Apple or YouTube, and instead insisted that people buy her CD's. With the amount of popularity and publicity that Taylor receives, it is a tough process to find jury members who will qualify to partake in the trial.

Prospective jurors were asked questions like whether they ever considered themselves a fan of Taylor Swift, or if they have any particular opinion about the artist. They were also asked whether they had any experience with groping and inappropriate touching.

Taylor Swift wants to take a stand

According Newsweek, Taylor Swift is adamant about going through with this trial with all that she has, and wants to donate any monetary compensation that she may receive through this trial to foundations that work toward female safety and the prevention of sexual assault.

Taylor also wants to go through with the trial as an example to women across the world, and encourage them to take a stand against such horrifying acts. She would like them to be able to take legal action without being afraid.