Taylor Swift, the American singer-songwriter, has quite the history with snakes. She may not be an actual snake fanatic but her life and career certainly include a lot of references to the slithery creatures. Swift was born in 1989. This is why she named one of her greatest albums after the year. But something else about 1989? It is known as the Chinese Year of the Snake. social media has also often dubbed the singer as a "snake", for several reasons.

Now it seems as the singer has started accepting her title. After totally clearing all her social media accounts for a week, Swift posted two mysterious videos of snakes on her accounts on Monday.

Why? Well, no one is really sure but at the moment there are two possible reasons that fans can think of. Firstly, it could just be that Taylor Swift is finally embracing her title of "snake". Secondly, this could be a hint that new music is to come.

Embracing her nickname

When one looks at Taylor Swift, she hardly looks like a snake. With her blonde locks and bright red lipstick, she is one of the furthest things from a reptile that you could imagine. Critics have been using the #TaylorSwiftIsASnake for quite some time now. When Swift broke up with DJ Calvin Harris in 2016, the criticism reached its peak. Thousands of people called Swift a snake for ending the relationship on bad terms. Swift's accounts were filled with people commenting snake emojis.

Kanye West is another celebrity who doesn't have the greatest relationship with Swift. Swift got extremely upset when West included a line in his song titled "Famous". The line claimed that West had made Swift famous. It also called the singer "b**ch". Kim Kardashian is believed to have mocked Swift on Twitter after this event, making fun of Swift's being upset about the line.

Kardashian tweeted on National Snake Day saying, "Wait it's legit National Snake Day?!?!?They have holidays for everybody, I mean everything these days." This was clearly a reference to Taylor Swift.

However, Taylor's posting these videos may mean that she has come to terms with this nickname. If this is the case, the fans are delighted.

If Taylor Swift wants to call herself a snake, her fans will fully support her.

New music on the way

Other fans feel differently about the snake videos. According to Billboard, many believe that this is Swift's way of hinting at new music to come. The snakes may simply be a reference to her "1989" album as 1989 was the Year of the Snake. These videos then simply serve to remind fans of her last album and get everyone excited for a new one.

Taylor Swift has been quiet about the whole matter. She hasn't told the public what the snakes mean, as of yet. And so as usual, we have to wait and see just what this superstar is up to.