Kailyn Lowry is currently readjusting to having a little baby at home with her. Kailyn has shared her journey to become a mother once again with her fans and it sounds like she's enjoying her new lifestyle. She has been sharing photos of herself with her little baby and it sounds like fans are surprised to learn that he has so much hair. But Kailyn can't even enjoy her time alone with her new baby, as "Teen Mom 2" fans have plenty of things to say about this new baby. After sharing a photo of herself breastfeeding, it sounds like fans have plenty of theories as to what goes on behind closed doors.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she's having some troubles with breastfeeding. While he appears to be latching just fine, baby Lo falls asleep at the breast almost immediately. Of course, the sucking behavior is natural for babies and also acts as a stimulation for them to feel peaceful and fall asleep. Despite this being a natural problem for mothers, her "Teen Mom 2" fans believe that perhaps she's struggling with the breastfeeding because she's consuming alcohol.

Nursing rules?

Even if Lowry was consuming alcohol, there are some guidelines to drinking alcohol when nursing. It seemed like the accusation about drinking wine was a downright lie. But one person did come to Kailyn's defense, revealing that one person can consume some alcohol when breastfeeding without affecting the baby.

Of course, there are many theories as to drinking during nursing. While some women will enjoy a glass of wine, others stay away from alcohol while breastfeeding.

While it used to be a big no-no to drink during nursing, it is now becoming a personal choice.

Common nursing problems

What Kailyn Lowry is going through is very normal. Many women struggle with babies falling asleep at the breast. This is not due to alcohol or the mother consuming a drink. To keep the baby awake, mothers can softly pull the baby's ear or blow on the baby's head to wake him up.

It is also possible that the baby is simply just tired and wants to sleep. However, babies do need to drink every two hours, especially when newborn, so Kailyn will have to wake baby Lo for feedings, even when he just wants to sleep.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry facing accusations that she's drinking simply because baby Lo can't stay awake at the breast? Are you surprised she's sharing so much on social media considering how mean people are?