There have been rumors floating around for weeks now that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's marriage was on the rocks. Maybe that’s why Kanye wanted to surprise her with a very special bouquet of flowers. Roses wouldn’t do the trick. No. He had to come up with something unique.

Kim share pics on Snapchat

Some are saying that the flowers, called “floating flowers” were utterly gorgeous. Others think the just look like a bunch of cauliflower. ET Online shared some pictures that were captured from Kim's Snapchat account, and the flowers are more vegetable looking than they are flower-like.

Maybe it is just the angle that the photos are taken from that makes the “floating flowers” look like cauliflower. Or maybe it is just that it looks like a massive pile of cauliflower.

Kim Kardashian seemed to love them though, and that’s the important thing. She went to her Snapchat account to post pictures of them. She showed off the big bouquets of “floating flowers” to her fans and said that she thought it was “cute” to see these “gorgeous floating flowers” waiting for her when she came home.

Twitter users went a little crazy with laughter over the whole cauliflower flower presentation. They all didn’t see the flower part of the arrangement. Some of the asked her why her house was filled with cauliflower.

Others figured that the Kardashian/West family just really liked their veggies.

Kim and Kanye married for three years

It was three years ago that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West celebrated their love for each other by getting married in a ceremony in Italy. It was a lavish event, and Kim pulled out all of the stops by wearing a beautiful Givenchy gown.

Kanye was stunning in his classic tuxedo.

What did Kim get for Kanye for their anniversary? Well, she didn’t say what she got him so maybe nothing? But she did share a message on her personal app and said he was “the best husband and father.” She shared some photos from her bridal fitting saying that she could not believe it had been three whole years.

Kim and Kanye now have two children.

Kim and Kanye have had a challenging year. Kanye had a bit of a mental breakdown. There was some strange and erratic behavior. Then there were the downright bizarre rants on the stage. Eventually, he had to cancel his tour and was hospitalized for a short time. Of course, Kim was right by her side the whole time.

Kim had some trouble, too. She was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in the past year. This resulted in her needing to take some time away from the public eye.

What do you think of Kim's flowers from Kanye? Do they look like cauliflower to you?