Taylor Swift had her first victory in the continuing legal battle involving the allegation that the pop star was groped by former Colorado radio host, David Mueller. The alleged groping occurred 2013, in Denver, at a backstage meet-and-greet and photo op.

Mueller alleged that Swift and her team ruined his career after the 2013 backstage incident. He filed a $3 million lawsuit against Swift including her mother, Andrea Swift, and Frank Bell, who was the radio handler for the singer. However, in a legal victory for the Grammy winner, US District Judge William Martinez ruled that Mueller failed to prove that the singer personally set out to have him fired.

According to AP report, Taylor Swift teared up as the decision was read and the judge said there was no evidence the pop star’s actions as being insincere. Mueller was silent during the reading of the decision. The judge's ruling, however, did not extend to Andrea Swift and Frank Bell whose cases will be determined by the jury.

Taylor Swift testify

Taylor Swift filed a countersuit alleging she was groped by Mueller and seeks a symbolic $1 payment. She considers this as her chance to stand up for other women. In spite of Mueller’s case against Swift having been thrown out, the singer’s countersuit will be considered by the jury.

The pop star was also put on the witness stand where she called the incident "despicable and horrifying and shocking,” according to AP.

She said that Mueller “stayed attached” to her “bare ass-cheeks” as she lurched away from the former radio host. She added, "It was a definite grab. A very long grab."

Mueller’s ex-girlfriend testifies

The jury was also shown an image of Swift, Mueller, and Mueller’s ex-girlfriend, Shannon Melcher. According to reports, the picture shows Mueller’s hand behind Swift, just below her waist.

Melcher was at the other side and that all three were smiling.

In her testimony, Shannon Melcher recounted that she saw nothing happened during the brief encounter and that Mueller was devastated by the accusation. Melcher added that she and Mueller were rudely confronted and escorted out of the arena that evening.

Taylor’s former bodyguard also took the stand

Greg Dent, former bodyguard to Taylor Swift took the stand and corroborated the singer’s allegation of being groped by Mueller. Dent testified that he actually saw the former radio host slipped his hand under Swift’s skirt as they posed for a photo.

Swift former bodyguard said, "I saw his hand under her skirt. ... Her skirt went up. ... She jumped." Dent also add that he saw Swift then moved closer to Melcher, who was standing on the other side for the photo.

Dent said he took his cues from Swift thus he never intervened and that the singer continued with the meet-and-greet session. However, after she finished meeting her fans, Swift told her staff about the groping, Dent said.