Phillip Phillips, the “American Idol” season 11 winner, has released his new song “Miles” after what the singer considered a “tough three years.” Phillips told People he felt so good to have his single out and there are more to come.

Phillips' comeback to the music scene came after the singer and “American Idol” producer, 19 Entertainment, had agreed recently to settle the lawsuit filed by Philips more than two years ago. The singer told People “Miles” is representative of his journey to finally move on from his legal issue and begin sharing his new single.

Phillips is now on a summer tour with Goo Goo Dolls, which is expected to run through September. He is performing his new single as well as other tracks from his forthcoming third album.

The Lawsuit

It was January 2015 that the “American Idol” winner filed a petition before the California Labor Commissioner claiming that 19 Entertainment together with its affiliated companies “manipulated” him. Phillips prayed that he be released from his contract.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Phillips challenged the contracts he signed as a condition for competing in “American Idol” on the ground that these were "oppressive" agreements. He alleged he had been "manipulated" into accepting jobs that only benefited 19 Entertainment and its affiliates but not him.

The singer alleged further that the company breached its fiduciary duties for violating California's statute that says only licensed talent agents can obtain employment for clients.

19 Entertainment meanwhile sued Phillips alleging the singer held some of the company’s money and for rejecting and breaching contracts. The company demanded that Phillips pay them $6 million.

Return of 'American Idol'

But the return of “American Idol” on television, which would involve 19 Entertainment and Fremantle Media Limited, helped in making the settlement possible.

According to THR, both parties are expected to file a stipulation in court soon in connection with the settlement. However, no details of the amicable resolution were announced.

Phillips connects with fans again

In his Instagram account, Phillip Phillips expressed his excitement to have a connection with fans once more, through the release of his new single, “Miles.”

He explained that the new song is about going through change “but not being alone while it’s happening.”

Phillips praised his wife, Hannah Blackwell, for her big support. He said the song is really about them because Blackwell was with him for the past years. “It’s about sticking together, powering through and getting to this point that we’re at right now,” Phillips said.