In a few days, Taylor Swift will head over to Denver to testify against David Mueller. The scheduled court hearing covers Mueller’s civil case against the celebrity. He claims he lost his job after Swift wrongfully accused him of groping her backstage during one of her concerts in 2013.

Compared to her usual jam-packed days of TV appearances and shows, Swift has been laying low lately. Her presence for the trial on August 7th is one of the rare times she has appeared in public in the past months.

Mueller’s fight for his employment

Pre-trial documents state Mueller’s case identified Swift and her mother, Andrea Swift, as the defendants.

He declared in his statements that all allegations filed by Swift were false. He was referring to his supposed indecent actions around the then 23-year old singer during a meet-and-greet event he attended. Mueller joined the activities on behalf of his former employer KYGO Radio.

The award winning singer confirmed she informed her mother and members of her crew about what transpired. She denied all allegations that she complained to his employer about the incident.

In truth, the singer’s radio promotions director Frank Bell reported the incident to KYGO. KYGO proceeded with their own investigation. They continued with Mueller’s termination upon reviewing their findings. Swift’s legal file shared that seven KYGO staff assisted during the inquiry.

Violation of morality contract

The document further states KYGO’s decision to terminate Mueller was led by his violation of basic disciplinary clauses stated in his contract. The radio station’s probe on the incident included statements on how the DJ lied about the incident and changed his story. They declared his wrongdoing of indecently touching Swift.

Most noteworthy is that Mueller complained about his termination but did not sue his employers for it. He sued Swift instead.

The allegation that Swift and her mother pressured KYGO into terminating him fueled Mueller’s complaint. In addition, KYGO’s General Manager Bob Call allegedly received a call from Bell with threats that his radio station would be affected if they decide to ignore the incident.

Swift fires back

The young singer expectedly fired back and filed her own countersuit against the disc jockey. Her suit declares Mueller’s detailed actions while they posed for a photo. According to the singer, the DJ reached under her dress and grabbed her buttocks. During the court proceedings in Denver, the 27-year old singer, her mother, and Bell are expected to take the stand and state their testimonies. Lorraine Bayard de Volo of the University of Colorado will testify on behalf of Swift as well.

De Volo works as an associate professor of women and gender studies. She is expected to offer her professional opinion on victims of harassment and sexual assault.

Mueller’s actions

An incident from Years ago has blown out of proportion.

Mueller filed the first lawsuit in 2015. Swift filed her countersuit against him for the groping incident. Things don’t look too optimistic for Mueller so far. In May, a judge decided against his complaint and junked his slander suit against the celebrity. He also received sanctions for destroying incriminating electronic evidence related to the case.