Taylor Swift has recently come forward with claims that the former DJ David Mueller Sexually Assaulted her during a photography session after her 2013 concert. The case has been taken to trial, Swift took the stand to testify her claims, and the star did not sway in any way from her original statement. She openly recalled the horrific experience and answered the court's questions readily.

The celebrity recalls the assault in court

According to The Guardian Taylor Swift took the stand on Thursday, August 10 to recall the events of the sexual assault against her during her 2013 concert.

Swift was hosting a meet and greet backstage where she was taking photographs with fans and members of the audience when former DJ David Mueller approached her for a photograph.

Swift has testified that this is when the incident happened and has stated that Mueller reached underneath her skirt and grabbed her backside. She stated that Mueller's grip remained as she lurched away from him and was shocked by the incident. When asked why she did not announce the sexual assault then and there Swift stated that there were several fans already lined up in the queue and she did not want them to know what had happened.

According to CNN, Swift was answering questions asked by Gabriel McFarland who is David Mueller's defense attorney.

Swift clearly stated that David Mueller's intentions were very clear and that she was critical of McFarland's client of sexually assaulting her fault her and

When asked how she felt about Mueller losing his job in his radio station Taylor Swift stated that she was not going to let herself be blamed for something that was not her fault nor was she going to feel responsible for Mueller's actions.

She claimed that Mueller made the decision to sexually assault her and that even years later she is being blamed for events which Mueller brought about in his own life.

Photographic evidence was produced

According to CNN the photographer who was backstage taking the photograph of Taylor Swift with Mueller and Mueller's girlfriend testified in court and stated that the photograph clearly shows something is amiss.

Stephanie Simbeck stated that she noticed Taylor had made a strange movement when the photo was being taken and initially she thought that the pop star had tripped.

However, Stephanie had claimed that she is certain that David Mueller assaulted Swift though she did not personally see as Mueller reached under the star's skirt where he would not be caught. In a report by The Denver Channel, Taylor Swift's body posture in this photograph was compared to photos with her fans and it is clear that there is a distinct difference.

The court case is currently ongoing however; it appears that Taylor Swift has the upper hand in the trial.