Many fans were intrigued as Taylor Swift has been largely out of the spotlight since February and it turns out she is seeing British actor Joe Alwyn. Reports suggest that Swift lived in North London for a couple of months while spending time with Alwyn and his family.

Now, new reports are claiming that Swift and Alwyn are currently having problems with their relationship. Speculations have it that American singer is very eager to publicize her latest romance but her beau is against the idea.

Are Swift and Alwyn fighting?

Rumors suggest that Taylor Swift is pushing Joe Alwyn to go public with their relationship.

Apparently, the Brit star wants to keep things private as much as possible as he wants to be taken seriously as an artist.

There are also claims saying that Alwyn is aware that he could become a laughing stock in Hollywood if things go south between him and Swift. So, the young actor is now trying to play it off even if he loves the singer very much.

While these rumors could possibly be true, Gossip Cop boldly claimed that these are completely made-up. As a matter of fact, a source close to Taylor Swift told the news outlet that everything is okay between Joe Alwyn and the singer. The same insider also clarified that Swift is not pushing Alwyn into publicizing their romance as they both agree on keeping their love life private.

The couple has yet to comment on these speculations.

American singer announced new album

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift finally announced her sixth studio album called “Reputation.” On Monday, August 21, Joe Alwyn’s girlfriend officially confirmed that her new album will be launched on November 10. It was also announced that the first single is going to be out on Thursday night.

The pronouncement came five days after Swift cryptically deleted all the contents of her social media accounts.

In other news, Garrett English denied the claims that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are performing a duet at the upcoming 2017 MTV Video Music Awards on August 27. The MTV special event producer told Entertainment Tonight that the on-stage collaboration is not happening at all.

“That’s not happening as far as [I know]. I’ve certainly seen all the rumors flying around, but that’s not happening,” Garret told ET. Despite that, Perry is confirmed to host the event.

Catch the 2017 MTV Videos Music Awards on Sunday via MTV Channel at 8 p.m. ET. Stay tuned for more news and updates about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn.