Beyonce took to Instagram to give fans a peek inside her life on Friday, August 4. The star shared pictures and videos of herself and husband, Jay Z, on their Date Night. Beyonce, who has over 105 million followers on Instagram, showed off her ample bosom while sipping a glass of red wine in one of the photos. The singer shared a picture of her husband, dressed all in black and wearing a cap which partially covers his face, drinking wine also.

The pictures have received over 3 million likes so far. Beyonce also shared two videos on the social media site, showing off her wardrobe for the evening.

The 35-year-old star wore a blue, striped, wrap dress with a plunging neckline, platformed runners, statement sunglasses and five chokers. The singer had her nails done in a cherry red color and decorated one hand with an oversized ring.

Beyonce and husband Jay Z go skating with friends in Los Angeles

Beyonce and Jay Z were also spotted out and about skating with friends in Los Angeles. According to US Weekly, the star and her husband met with a group of about 10 to 12 people at World on Wheels at approximately 11 pm. Videos of the couple and their friends surfaced online courtesy of Instagram user "beylite." A total of five videos were posted to the Instagram account, all of the singer and her group skating.

Beyonce was very casually dressed, sporting a pair of trendy ripped jeans and an off-the-shoulder black shirt. An onlooker told US Weekly that Jay Z and a group of friends were sitting off to the side of the rink talking, watching Beyonce and other friends who were enjoying skating around the place. Beyonce reportedly had a "huge smile" on her face and even showcased her flexibility by doing some splits to the side of the rink.

The source told US Weekly that that star is good on skates and that she knew what she was doing. Beyonce's stylist, Grammy winner Marni Senofonte, took to Snapchat to share pictures of the star's night out. Senofonte shared pictures as late as 3.08 am, suggesting Beyonce and her husband had a bit of a wild night.

Beyonce is wasting no time getting out and about again after birth of twins, Rumi and Sir

Beyonce certainly isn't wasting any time getting out and about again after the birth of her twins. The star has been spending quality time with husband Jay Z, slowly getting back into a fitness regime and enjoying herself. The couple was also spotted going to a spin class at Soul Cycle in Santa Monica in the middle of July, sharing a kiss before heading in for their workout session.