Taylor Swift recently deleted all of her photographs from her Instagram account and has fueled rumors that she is releasing a new album. There has been no confirmation that this is the case but fans believe that this is simply an elaborate Pr Stunt. The star's online activity is certainly questionable and her representatives have been contacted for an explanation.

The singer has completely removed herself from social media

According to the Independent, Taylor Swift has removed all of the photographs from her Instagram account and fans are confused as to why the celebrity chose to do this.

Swift's decision did not go unnoticed by her 102 million followers and it has been confirmed that she has unfollowed everyone and blocked out her page on the app.

The star has completed removed any trace of her account from the internet and Swift has been open about needing to take a step back from social media in the past. The singer had posted hundreds of pictures from over the years including her at certain events and celebrating her Fourth of July party. Fans are devastated that they can no longer see the celebrity's online life and are desperate to know why she has blacked out her Instagram page.

According to Pitchfork, Instagram has added a new option to their website and app, which allows users to increase their privacy on the app.

It allows the user to archive their photographs from the site, which hides all of the user's posts from everyone they are connected with. This new feature allows only the owner of the app to view their account and photographs. It is possible that Swift has opted for this new feature instead of deleting her entire account.

Swift has sparked rumors of a new album

According to Pitchfork, Taylor Swift has sparked rumors that she is releasing a new album soon and that this is merely a publicity stunt to add anticipation to the release. Radiohead pulled off a similar stunt back in May of this year before announcing they were releasing their new album and some fans are convinced that Swift is following their example.

Taylor Swift's representatives have been contacted for a comment but as of yet, they have not revealed the stars motivations for deleting her photographs. Swift released her last album in 2014 and fans think that she has spent that last three years creating her next. As of yet, the rumors can only be taken as speculation as nothing has been confirmed.

Taylor Swift has not commented on her recent social media activity and fans are desperate to know what the star is up to.