Steve Bannon leaving the White House may have dominated the news cycle last Friday but another puzzling event occurred that made millions of Taylor Swift’s social media followers wonder, worry, and even react with panic. The Blank Space singer’s web accounts went literally blank.

As of this time, a look at Taylor Swift’s official Twitter account, @taylorswift13, which has over 85 million followers, shows no tweets at all. The avatar and cover picture were removed as well. Swift’s official Instagram account, which has over 100 million followers has “no posts yet” display.

Taylor Swift’s official Facebook page, which has over 70 million followers, shows the same blank page as with the others. Finally, her official website is no different.

Taylor Swift's new album is coming?

Fans were speculating the reasons for the complete removal of Taylor Swifts previous tweets and posts but one theory which made them excited was the possibility that the Grammy-winning singer is preparing to launch her new album.

Soon the hashtag TS6iscoming was popping all over Twitter and Facebook.

There is certainly reason for Swift’s fans to be excited about since the pop star has always released a new album in a span of around two years. The singer’s last album, "1989," was released way back 2014 so her new album is a little bit overdue. This is what the fans are hoping to be the real reason for Swift’s sudden absence on social media.

No official comments from Taylor Swift’s camp yet as to the reason why her Internet presence suddenly went missing. It certainly left fans with blank faces.

Taylor Swift's groping case

There are also speculations that Taylor’s disappearing posts on social media may be related to her recently concluded trial where she was sued by a Colorado DJ for ruining his career after the singer accused the DJ of groping her.

Swift countersued and won.

She was not found liable for the DJ losing his job by the judge in the case. The jury meanwhile ruled in favor of Swift’s countersuit, finding the DJ guilty of groping the singer during a meet and greet event in Denver. The DJ was asked to pay Swift a symbolic $1 compensation.

Taylor Swift’s mother, Andrea Swift and radio handler, Frank Bell, were found not liable as well.

Swift also donated money to charities that deal with sexual-assault victims as part of her promise to help those who suffered from sexual assault crimes.

The singer was praised by the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network president who said on ABC News that Swift’s trial was "a great demonstration to other victims that there is strength in coming forward and pursuing justice."