The latest "Game of Thrones" episode, “Beyond the Wall,” depicts the most recent mistake Daenerys made in the quest for the Iron Throne. The most recent blunder committed by the Mother Of Dragons was not only costly to her from a strategic perspective but was the cause of personal grief. However, one silver lining manifested itself that will be to the would-be queen’s advantage. Some spoilers follow.

Walking beyond the wall when one could fly

Jon Snow and his band of brothers walked beyond the wall in their quest for one of the white walkers. Once again Daenerys made a tactical blunder, having forgotten that her dragons not only make for great gunships but transports as well.

The better option would have been to carry a small force beyond the wall, spot a group of walkers from the air, then swoop down and grab one.

Instead, Jon Snow and his group of heroes struggled across a wintery landscape into a fog, fought off a dire wolf, then grabbed one of the walkers after a sharp fight with a small war band. However, Snow and his group blundered into the main army of blue eyed demons led by the Night King himself. They managed to make a stand on an island in the middle of a frozen lake. What transpired was a nightmare out of “The Walking Dead.”

Daenerys tries to save the day

Daenerys, once again realizing belatedly she had an air force, hurries with all three of her dragons north.

They burn a great swath in the walker army, picks up most of the survivors, with the captured walker, and manages to extract them. However, Jon Snow is last seen going under a hole in the ice. Worse, the Night King kills one of her dragons with an ice spear, Later, the dragon is resurrected as a zombie dragon. Now the walkers have an air force as well.

The return of Jon Snow

The silver lining consists of Jon Snow returning from beyond the wall, somewhat worse for wear, but still alive. Daenerys personally nurses him back to health. He is now ready to bend the knee as soon as he is physically capable. She now knows that Jon was right about who the real enemy is. Now, if only Cersei can be convinced?

Sansa and Arya with a dagger drawn

We leave with the latest events at Winterfell. Arya confronts Sansa about the unfortunate letter. Sansa pleads that she was a scared girl totally under the power of the Lannisters. Arya retorts that they would have had to torture her and, besides, what will everyone think of the Lady of Winterfell was once such a weakling? Later, Sansa finds Arya’s store of magic masks. Her little sister explains what they are used for. Have the sisters achieved some sort of truce or is Littlefinger’s scheme to drive a wedge between them succeeding?