All that glittered in Taylor Swift's new single "Look What You Made Me Do" video was the real deal. The American pop singer, T-Swift literally bathed in $10 Million jewels in her new single 'LWYMMD' (which is absolutely insane). Taylor Swift took the trend of the pop music video to the next level by getting her hands on million dollar jewels for her new single video.

The most expensive bath Taylor ever had

The million dollar bath in "LWYMMD" is going to be Taylor's most expensive bath ever. Taylor almost raided on Neil Lane's entire diamond collection as many karats as possible just to cover herself and her bath tub.

'Bad Blood' singer's stylist Joseph Cassell Falconer, wiped clean Neil Lane's entire store for Taylor's new single video. Having a bath in multi million dollar diamonds is just an OMG moment for Taylor Swift's fans. Taylor wore chains which were worthy of $10 million and the rest of the diamonds worth can only be imagined. Taylor's new single 'LWYMMD' is topping the music charts right now.

Over the top video shoot

According to Hollywood Life, the setup for Taylor's new single video was epic. Tons of karats of diamonds for a video shoot made it clear that whatever Taylor wants, she gets it for sure (no doubt at all). Taylor is wearing big and stunning diamond rings in her every finger. She wore pear-cut stones as earrings and a huge diamond necklace.

The 'Blank Space' singer wore diamond jewels in her both wrists. In "Look What You Made Me Do" video, Swift even bites the beautiful diamond bracelets that cost a fortune for sure. The story doesn't end here, as the American pop singer is not only wearing those expensive and beautiful jewels, but she is also taking a bath in those expensive and tons of karats of diamonds.

If you are not living under a rock and have watched Taylor's diss track video already, you sure are envious just like every other T-Swift fan.

Neil Lane confirmed in an interview with Hollywood Life that Taylor wanted her new single video to be over the top. So he gave her access to his entire diamond collection for the video shoot.

And wow as the video of "Look What You Made Me Do" turned out to be great. Neil himself admitted the fact that his diamond collection never looked better.

It is also reported that the diamond bath part was to throw some epic shade on Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery. Taylor dissed Kimye in an elegant and glamorous way from her new single "LWYMMD" (and that's so cool).