Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the Hollywood stars who just pledged an amount of $1 million donations to help the Victims of Hurricane Harvey, the storm which devastated Texas since its landfall on August 25. The Variety reported that the monetary donation will go to the newly established United Way Harvey Recovery Fund. It is the newest and largely funded organization which aimed to help the victims of the storm.

Grateful for the donation

Brian Gallagher, the United Way Worldwide President, has expressed his gratitude to DiCaprio and he was thankful for the generosity that was shown by the Hollywood actor.

On his statement, Gallagher added that responding to what happened in Texas requires effort from everyone and DiCaprio's monetary donation is a representation of his effort to help the affected victims.

Further, Variety has added that Leonardo DiCaprio's Foundation has also established relief operations in the past when they provided donations to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Since then, the actor has always been known for lending help in the different charitable projects and institutions.

Meanwhile, other celebrities have also pledged their donations for the Hurricane Harvey victims. Ruby Rose, Ellen DeGeneres, and Sandra Bullock were among the Hollywood personalities who also rendered help for the storm victims.

Inaugural donation

A report from E! News has confirmed that the inaugural donation for the newly established foundation was coming directly from DiCaprio. It was also reported that all funds will go directly to the recovery efforts.

The Hollywood actor isn't the only celebrity who has donated a huge amount for the Hurricane Harvey storm victims.

Early this week, Kim Kardashian and her family also donated $500,000 to the American Red Cross. On the other hand, Kevin Hart has launched his own relief challenge for the storm victims in order to encourage other celebrities to at least donate $25,000 to help numbers of Texas residents to recover from the devastation.

On Wednesday, Hart took to Instagram and shared that he already crossed the $1 million mark on his donation challenge. Other organizations like Coalition for the Homeless and Houston SPCA were reportedly sending their support and love to the victims, too. These organizations are also accepting donations for the continued relief efforts of the tragic storm.