If there’s one thing Taylor Swift is iconic for, it’s her squad. This pop star isn’t afraid to display her friends through various pictures that she posts on social media. Swift has met plenty of people and made new friendships throughout her career, but in turn, she’s also made a lot of enemies. However, most of these people were also once her friend as well. Case in point: Katy Perry. In light of this, it also seems like one of her recent enemies was once her “biggest fan.”

Before the bad blood

According to US Weekly, Kim Kardashian herself admitted to saying she was Swift’s biggest fan back in 2009 – the same year Kanye West dissed her on stage.

The 36-year-old star stated that “Love Story” was the No. 1 song on her iPod playlist. Back in a previous interview, she claimed that she loves Swift and that she was the “biggest Taylor Swift fan.” Similarly, the Kardashian claimed that she was watching the singer on Twitter and that she was even following her. Needless to say, it seems like the “Keep Up with the Kardashians” star wasn’t just an ordinary fan.

The two broke their alliance just last year with the Kardashian uploading on audio tape on National Snake Day which contains a clip of Swift approving West’s permission to use her name in “Famous.” Since then, plenty of netizens had been flooding the singer’s social media accounts with snake emojis – something that she’s owned up to in “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Kimye’s response

Many fans have been wondering what Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been thinking about since the debut of “Look What You Made Me Do.” While some believe that they might be affected by the whole fiasco, an insider from US Weekly says otherwise.

They claimed that neither Kim nor Kanye are interested or concerned about the situation with Swift. In fact, the insider even stated that the couple hopes that Taylor can “move on.” Both Kim and Kanye haven’t even been thinking about the situation and moved on from it.

Kimye has been through a lot over the past year, with the Kardashian suffering a robbery in Paris while West was recently hospitalized due to exhaustion.

For these reasons, they’re too busy to even think about Swift as she’s “not on their radar.” Could it be that Taylor’s plan to undermine her enemies might end in failure? However, it still seems like the pop star still has a lot of tricks up her sleeve before her major album debut. Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” album is slated to release later this November, with her latest track out now.