“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge received a flurry of angry posts from her estranged daughter who accused her of neglect. Judge responded to her daughter’s accusations and said she would never neglect, abuse, or hurt her kids.

Judge just renewed her vows to her husband Eddie, and they are currently in Aruba. She posted on Instagram a couple of photos while vacationing and addressed for the first time the allegations made by her daughter Sidney.

Judge’s comments on allegations

According to People, Judge, 49, talked about how their day went in Aruba as they rented a jeep and drove around the island.

She noted that there were so many wonderful memories made, but Sidney’s accusations against her made the vacation bittersweet.

Judge first thanked those who came to her defense and those who went out of their way to ask how she was doing. She also gave a special shout out to her mother who defended her. She then said that she loves her daughter Sidney and she would “never abuse, hurt or neglect her in any way.” She asked her followers not to send messages to Sidney or make comments on her social media accounts.

Sidney’s statements up on her Facebook account

Sidney took to Facebook to say that she left her mother’s house because she was neglectful as she left them home with no food or simply ignored them.

Sidney continued to say that Judge always puts herself first and that she was mentally and emotionally abusive. The 18-year-old estranged daughter is Judge’s daughter with Simon Barney. Barney and Judge have divorced, and Sidney said she went through mental and emotional abuse when her mother and father decided to separate.

Aside from that, Sidney said Judge promised she would not publicly share photos of her daughter’s college graduation, but she did so anyway. Sidney claimed that what her mother did is an example that Judge put “herself, her fame, her reputation, and her bank account before me.”

Sidney noted that her mother is well aware of her feelings as they have talked about it in court and in therapy.

She pointed out that her father was the one who pushed her to have a relationship with her mother and let her attend her graduation because “it was a milestone.” She said that she always asked her mother to stop talking about her in any way because she does not want to be associated with her or the show, E! News reported.

In another part of the lengthy post, she said that Judge should stop playing the part of an erased mother from her estranged daughter’s life and should actually do something to fix their relationship.

Judge responded in the comments section saying that all she ever did was to love Sidney from the second she found out she was pregnant with her. She then apologized to Sidney and noted that she fought hard for her daughter. Judge noted that she will always love her daughter and hope that she realizes one day that the post was wrong and unnecessary.