The Crown” Season 2 is about to come as Netflix now drops its new and first official trailer. Although it will still take four months - it will be shown on Dec. 8 - before its release date comes, fans are now excited to see the continuation of Queen Elizabeth II’s (Claire Foy) story.

The biographical drama’s second chapter will tell the story of the queen’s reign that started since 1952. From the end of the social structure built after the Second World War to the illegal war in Egypt with her Majesty’s Armed Forces and the scandal that caused Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s disgrace, the show will reveal the end of the age of reverence and the start of the 1960s revolutionary.

The complex love story of Lord Snowdon

Aside from Queen Elizabeth II, “The Crown” Season 2 will also revolve around Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) and Lord Snowdon’s (Matthew Goode) relationship, Telegraph reported.

The young 1st Earl Of Snowdon will also have interesting storylines in the television series. In fact, he is being described as a charmer who hides a lot of dark secrets. Fans are expecting to see how the show will explore his relationship with the Countess of Snowdon before and after they got married.

To recall, when Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones died in January, his obituarist noted that he had “an extraordinarily complex love life.” He was 86 when he died. His complicated romance even led to the birth of an illegitimate child.

There were also swirling rumors that he was bisexual as he admitted that there were some men who fell for him. “I didn’t fall in love with boys - but a few men have been in love with me,” he told his biographer.

The rise and fall of Snowdon's romance

In “The Crown” Season 2, viewers will see how Princess Margaret will fall in love with Lord Snowdon at a dinner party in 1958.

As he was also known as a filmmaker and a photographer, he took her portrait just a couple of weeks after the gathering. The only sibling of Queen Elizabeth, on the other hand, secretly visited him at his Pimlico studio.

He was the first commoner who joined the royal family in four centuries. He married King George VI (Jared Harris) and Queen Elizabeth’s (Victoria Hamilton) daughter in 1960.

Unfortunately, they were the first royal couple who underwent divorce.

In an interview with executive producer Peter Morgan (via Telegraph), he described Lord Snowdon as everything that the royal family is not. “He brings a new flavor and rhythm to proceedings,” he said.