Tamra Judge is getting a little taste of her own medicine. Her daughter Sidney Barney took to social media to slam her after a recent episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" aired. During the episode, Tamra slammed Sidney's dad, Simon for alienating her as a mother. As it turns out, that is not how the daughter sees things at all.

Gretchen Rossi weighs in

When Sidney Barney went off on her mom on social media, everyone shared the post. It was put in Facebook groups, on Tumblr, and even made it to some of the fan pages that are circulating the web.

Gretchen Rossi has weighed in on the subject, calling Sidney Barney "brave" for speaking out the way she did. There has been bad blood between Tamra Judge and Rossi on and off. The last few seasons have shown the various differences between the two. Gretchen and Lizzie Rovsek attacked Shannon Beador on Twitter and they are definitely "Team Vicki." Judge has snapped back at her former cast mates and now, she is snapping back hard at Rossi in particular. When she saw what was written to Sidney by Gretchen, Tamra lost her cool.

Instead of addressing the concerns Sidney Barney had, Tamra Judge remained silent. She spoke up long enough to comment about what Gretchen Rossi had said but failed to mention her daughter's concerns.

This has sent red flags up among fans who have been following this story. Simon Barney barred the children from being seen on "The Real Housewives of Orange County." This has caused conflict for Judge between her work life and family life. Sidney has thrown out some serious accusations about neglect and mistreatment, and Judge's latest actions giver her claims merit.

Tamra renews vows with Eddie Judge on beach

Just days after Sidney Barney posted her rant slamming Tamra Judge, life resumed to normal. Judge and her husband, Eddie, were seen renewing their vows in a beach ceremony. Photos were shown on Instagram, prompting fans to question what kind of person Tamra really is. Instead of doing damage control or attempting to fix things between her and Sidney, Judge ignores the situation and goes on with her plans.

Fans were shocked to see the lack of response from the mother, especially because she has been ranting about how much she wants Sidney back in her life.

This is likely going to be part of the reunion when it is filmed in a few weeks. After what happened with Kelly Dodd slamming Tamra Judge about her daughter last season, this is timely.