Hoola!. After five years of dating, six months being engaged and almost four years of marriage, Andy Samberg, and wife, Joanna Newsom are now adding a new member to the family.

The comedian’s rep told Us Weekly, that secretly the couple welcomed a baby girl. In this new chapter of their story, the super private couple made their fans more excited and very happy for this blessing who will make the couple happier than ever before.

According to Us Weekly, in an interview, last December 2015, Newsom, told Larry King her affirmation when she asked if they want to have children.

“Sure! Someday”, she said. She even expresses her gratitude to ‘little harpist Samberg’ for the idea.

In the same interview, she happily talked about her feelings towards her husband and said that Samberg is her most favorite person in the world that she wants to hang out with anytime.

Newsom, 35 is one of the successful harpist and a musician today. When a question was raised in the interview about her husband’s liking harp, her answer to King was not just ‘like it’ but ‘love it’. “He loves the harp, she said. No question he is her biggest super fan.

On the other hand, Us Weekly wrote that the actor also had babies on mind around the same period. "I love babies, I would love a baby someday”, he shared to reporters at the Fox All-Star Party last January 2016.

Samberg and Newsom first meeting

Golden Globe Award-winning actor-comedian Andy Samberg and singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom first met after being introduced by mutual friends. But even before that, the actor already ‘had the biggest crush on her’. That was according to a friend of the Saturday Night Live alum.

Also, a source told Us Weekly that Samberg liked her music and was present at her shows.

The same feeling was kept by Newsom as well. She listens to the tracks he creates with comedy troupe the Lonely Island. She respects what he does with his songs and proud of everything that he has achieved.

Then, they got engaged in February 2013 and married later that year on September 21, 2013, in Big Sur, California.

A little more about them and their career

Andy Samberg was born in Berkeley, California. He has a long list of achievements and involvement in his career as an actor, filmmaker, musician, and comedian. He had Hotel Transylvania (voice-Johnny), Tour de Pharmacy (as Marty Hass), Puppy (voice-Johnny), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (as Jake Peralta), Adventure Time, Saturday Night Live and more on that list.

Joanna Newsom on the other side is an actress and musician too -harpist, pianist, vocalist, lyricist. She has her best tracks like "Leaving the City," "Sapokanikan," and "Good Intentions Paving Company."

They shared not just love for each other their but in music as well. Adored and respected by their fans with their gift and individual mastery.