While he ponders how to bring Ivan Drago back to the Rocky-verse in the “Creed” film, Sylvester Stallone is poised to reunite with another former co-star. It has been announced that the erstwhile action hero may star on NBC’s hit “This Is Us,” which already has Milo Ventimiglia in the leading character. Ventimiglia previously played Sylvester’s son in “Rocky Balboa.” The film broke the box-office records in 2006 and received a variety of awards.

Sylvester Stallone on ‘This is Us’ season 2

This is U,s” executive producer Dan Fogelman told Flickering Myth that Sylvester Stallone was confirmed for the NBC series days ago.

He would serve as a father of the lead actor. However, there is no information about whether Ventimiglia and Stallone will share any screen time or not, but the program’s multiple storylines render that unlikely.

Dan said during a press conference for "This Is Us" that “Sylvester Stallone would do a huge part in the series. It means the “Rocky Balboa” star will serve as a mentor for Justin Hartley and help him work through feelings he has harbored in his life about his relationship with Milo Ventimiglia. Sylvester Stallone, 71, looks excited about the project and may soon start shooting.

The show creator also teases that the second season may reveal information about how the Pearson family patriarch met his tragic end.

The fans will get all answers they want, a lot of new things are going to be introduced in the new episodes of “This Is Us.” The first few episodes may set the internet abuzz and give momentum toward that storyline.

How was its first season?

Earlier this year, the first season of “This is Us” wrapped, racking up no less than ten Emmy nominations.

The show won the hearts of both critics and audiences and watered our eyes to an extent. It’s safe to say that “This is Us” is a refreshing respite from the relational pessimism and violence that marks the other buzz soaps that have bubbled forth from a culture of divisiveness.

Episodes weave through the events of the past and present, with most scenes taking place in 1980, 1989 and 2017.

Flashback scenes take place in Pittsburgh, and current scenes are split between New York, Los Angeles, and New Jersey. Earlier this year, NBC ordered thirty-six new episodes of the show. Its second season will premiere on September 26, and the “Rocky” vet will enter the story as one of the stars of the war film. We wish him good luck for all of his projects.