Sylvester Stallone will appear in "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2" movie, and the movie's director, James Gunn, wants to see him in more Marvel movies. According to Gunn, he intends to give the 70-year old actor more roles in his movies, but he may not appear in the third "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie.

Even though "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" is set to be released on May 5 in the United States and James Gunn has no idea how well the movie will be received by its audience, he still wants Stallone to be his long-term option for an actor. There is no doubt that Sylvester Stallone is one of the greatest actors, and this move is just another testament to how incredible he truly is.

James Gunn believes in Sylvester Stallone

"My plan is to see more of him," James Gunn said. According to Gunn, he plans to stick with the current actors, including Stallone. As he said, he plans to plant the seeds that will lead us to the next decade of Marvel Movies, and those will be the movies he wants to see Sylvester Stallone in. According to him, Stallone will be a big part of the Marvel future, which is definitely a big thing.

Stallone is surrounded by a great company of actors in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2", whose star-studded cast includes Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana and Kurt Russell among others. Big names like Vin Diesel and Bradley Copper also play the voices for some of the characters.

With the amount of experience Stallone and Russell have combined, their veteran presence is sure to help the younger actors hone their acting skills. This movie franchise will undoubtedly benefit from their presence in the long run as well.

Sylvester Stallone might not be in the next movie

Despite James Gunn's wish to have Stallone in the future Marvel movies, the actor might not appear in the next "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie.

Gunn said that the third movie will most likely be the final one as the main story will end with it. He added how there could be volume four, but it would not be with the same group actors.

However, good news is that James Gunn will pursue other projects beside "Guardians of the Galaxy" and he will focus on finding Sylvester Stallone's place in the Marvel universe that he creates.

"It’s my plan to find a place for Sly in the future of the Marvel Universe," Gunn said. Stallone's fans can definitely expect the 70-year old actor to stay active when it comes to movie making, as it is very likely that this will only be the first of many more appearances in Marvel movies.