Ryan Coogler’s movie “Creed” in 2015 showed us how to do both a spin-off and a reboot right. Sylvester Stallone has previously stated that his scrapbook has 439 pages which translate to "a 120-page typed screenplay." Dolph Lundgren’s Drago had four lines of dialogue in the "Rocky IV," so if the actor does return we can expect more than that at "Creed 2." Stallone teased that Ivan Drago is coming back to the big screen for the "Creed" sequel -- but nobody is sure what the storyline will be. Sylvester Stallone told TMZ Sports that things are definitely going to get violent between Rocky and Drago "You know I gotta hit Drago once."

The possible Scenario

Ivan Drago killed Apollo Creed in "Rocky IV" so the rumors are that Adonis Creed will fight Drago's son to get revenge.

Sylvester Stallone has already been teasing us with the possibility of Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) making a comeback in "Creed 2." Sylvester Stallone has taken it a step further by telling us that Rocky and Drago might go head to head again in the "Creed" sequel. Rocky fans will recall the showdown from "Rocky IV" movie where Rocky tried to avenge his close friend Apollo. Well, it's looking likely that "Creed 2" will follow Adonis Creed (Michael B Jordan) as he tries to avenge his father's death with Stallone possibly throwing a few punches himself.

Sylvester Stallone talks about Drago

Drago has been connected to the "Creed" sequel for a long time now, with Michael Jordan, who plays Apollo Creed's son, saying that the film was missing a "true villain.'' and who is better than the man who killed his own father.

Sylvester Stallone has shared at Instagram plenty of throwback photos of himself and Dolph Lundgren, which is adding nothing but fuel to the fire where these rumors are spoken. "Maybe if I ignore him, he'll go away," he posted last week, with a photo on set from 1976. Let's see that picture :

Fans might seem to be wondering that, if Stallone revealed that he will fight Drago, will there be some scenes that both action stars show their enormous bodies?

It is a rematch more than 30 years in the making but one thing we know is that Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago are getting down in "Creed 2." If the first "Creed" movie couldn't help Sylvester Stallone win an Oscar, maybe the second one will. The "Creed" sequel is expected to be released in cinemas in 2018 after Ryan Coogler finishes his obligations with his new movie "Black Panther."