The former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, gave an interview at ATTN talking about Nazis and their place in America. Schwarzenegger was peremptory about that issue and especially on President Donald Trump's attitude on it.

The interview became viral within a week, with almost two million shares and 57 million views on Facebook alone. More specifically, Arnold Schwarzenegger suggested that when Nazis are screaming and making irrational demands, people must react and reply to those screams. It's President Trump's job and moral responsibility to take a stand and oppose this hate and racism.

In fact, Schwarzenegger was so upset about this matter that he told the press what Trump's speech should be like. He emphasized that Trump should tell the world that the country that defeated Hitler's armies is no place for the Nazis' flags. Before Arnold sent a message to those neo-nazis, he laughed with a Trump figure in his hand saying, ''Was it that difficult? See I told you!''

What can we do against racism?

Then angry but always polite Arnold called those neo-nazi fanatics "losers" and told them that they support a lost cause: some ghosts that are now in hell. Those words made people question themselves for their beliefs and wonder if it is true.

Arnold responded that all people should take action and asks the Nazis, ''Why are you thinking like this, and why do you support those people that killed millions?'' It is not too late for everyone, he said.

Arnold provoked many people with this statement, but they all seem to agree. The whole web is full of angry people expressing their opinions but that doesn't seem to bother the president who hasn't reacted yet.

Schwarzenegger was born right after WW2

It is well known that Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria in 1947 shortly after World War 2, and he saw some real Nazis.

Arnold said that he saw them broken, wandering around and questioning why their lives turned out the way they did and why they killed all those people.

The former governor was really vitriolic in this interview, and he didn't hesitate to accuse anyone. Despite all that hatred, Arnold Schwarzenegger said that there is still time for them to learn and change, but there is also time for us to care, take action, and eliminate the threat.

President Donald Trump hasn't answered yet to Schwarzenegger's statements, but he might be forced to after all these attacks from fanatics. Here you can see the whole interview that Arnold Schwarzenegger gave on ATTN :