Sylvester Stallone shared a post a few hours ago which indicates that "Creed 2" is happening and it will start filming soon. The post has driven all fans crazy only in a few hours. Everybody is discussing possible plots, filming locations, the cast, the film's directing and many other things around the movie.

So far nobody seemed to have a problem with Ryan Coogler directing the creed sequel and that's because he has done a great job with the first one. The screenplay won't be his this time but we can certainly hope that Ryan and Stallone will cooperate in directing.

Surely Stallone's experience and Ryan's ''hunger'' will create something amazing?

Ivan Drago is coming back!

Sylvester Stallone shared a photo on both Instagram and Twitter showing his handwritten notebook, saying that he had written 439 pages which are actually 120 pages of typed script. After that he hashtagged Rocky Balboa , Ivan Drago and Adonis Creed. From this, it seems t be apparent that there is a high probability that we will have "Creed 2" in the movie theaters next year. Now let's see those posts

The first "Creed" showed us a really broken kid who wanted to be like his father and prove that he was not a mistake.

Judging from the Adonis character, who's a really tough one, when he finds out that the man who killed his father is wandering around Philadelphia, he will seek revenge. That's what everyone believes is the main plot , but what if Drago suggests something else, for example, that Adonis should face his son, who's a professional boxer?

Or the craziest idea of all That he must encounter him in Russia?

That would be a good opportunity to revive some of the old training from Russia with Rocky as the trainer. This could be a great opportunity to have some flashbacks from Rocky IV with Apollo Creed. Now that would be emotional and nostalgic. Who knows - maybe Rocky will remember Andrian too and he will sing another Yo Andrian or maybe his son Rocky Jr will be concerned about all this and will follow his father to Russia.

What training scenes could 'Creed 2' have

Rocky could put Adonis through all the tough training that Duke taught him. He can have him lift a cart with people on it, or some rope jumping exercises and let's not forget chopping woods in the cold. Emotional speeches won't be missing as for sure, Rocky is going to advise Adonis what to do and how to feel in front of the hostile people of Russia. Now for all of you who want to be prepared for something like this let's take a look back at some "Rocky IV" training.