As you can see from this awesome cover photo, we might have a sequel for Cobra, Rambo or Creed movie. There are some spoils on the internet that indicate a possible comeback of our iconic action heroes Marion Cobretti, John J. Rambo and Rocky Balboa, but let's be more specific. Sylvester Stallone has been sharing many photos from Rocky movies and especially with Ivan Drago at his facebook profile and both Instagram and twitter, commenting things like directing Dolph Lundgrens boxing skills, so this might be an idea to bring Ivan Drago back in the ring!

And here is the proof:

Is Rocky coming back for Creed 2?

It must bring some painful memories to Sylvester Stallone but they could be creative too. The second picture, as you can see, has driven all the internet crazy! Sylvester Stallone suggesting a Creed sequel? He must have something on his mind if he's posting a picture with Ivan Drago and Adonis Creed in the ring. Every fan has made up his own theory but we have for you one mind-blowing! What if Adonis Creed discovers that Ivan Drago's son is a boxer and he seeks revenge for his father's death? I'm sure you can imagine a movie with Rocky and Drago training their ''sons'' for a fight like that. Imagine the fight and their training and some flashbacks with Apollo Creed and Rock.

Everybody is dreaming of something like this. But that's not the end... Some crazy fans made a fighting picture of Adonis Creed with Ivan Drago.

Besides all these, Sylvester Stallone met with Carl Weathers a few days later! We wonder what they were talking about but I'm sure we all can imagine. In addition, we have a rumor for those flashbacks with Apollo Creed.

Remember when we had some flashbacks at Rocky V with Mickey? Now Sly posted a picture with him from those shootings, so if he shared his flashbacks with Mickey maybe he met with Carl Weathers to discuss some possible flashbacks for Apollo. Sure there are gonna be very emotional scenes if it happens.Now let's see those pictures:

Is Rambo back in the field?

We all know that Sylvester Stallone said in the past that he is done with Rambo character but what if Rambo is not done with him?

When everybody was begging for a Rambo sequel Sly said it's not an option. When they were discussing to make Rambo series, Sly said ''No, there is no chance." Right now something else happened. India is making a remake of Rambo movie and Sly was very happy about that which was very obvious from his Facebook post, but before we see it imagine if Sylvester Stallone directs this Rambo:

What about Cobra sequel?

It's not a long ago that fans were desperately asking for a Cobra sequel and giving some ideas on the table. A possible plot could be that Marion Cobretti is living a quiet life when the same disease that he cured a long time ago has come back to destroy his city. Sure it would be a great action film if Cobra comes back in the field.

That is the main idea that overwhelmed the fan pages and here is a cool picture that might be as it's cover photo if it come's true. I gotta say that Sly should really think about this one!

So many options but these have to wait for Escape Plan sequel that Sly is already filming. I guess we have to wait and see.