Arrow” and “Supergirl” are separate entities under the CW Network though Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) did get a chance to work together with that “Alien Invasion” crossover last season. The only problem with that is both hardly interacted but all that could change next time around.

With “Arrow” set to enter its sixth season and “Supergirl” on its third, future crossovers are practically a given. “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow” are likely to be involved as well and there is no telling for now what the producers have in mind next. While that remains to be resolved, it seems that “Supergirl” will get a bit involved this time around and not merely someone who entered the fray because of her relationship with Barry Allen (Grant Gustin).

Arrow mentoring Supergirl

Guidance is something Kara/Supergirl needs and Ollie Queen could provide just that. He did it with Barry before so seeing some crossovers between the two shows could be possible.

For the "Justice League Unlimited" fanatics, both carried a closer relationship than what we are seeing right now. Though Kara was more careless in the animated series, decision-making and offensive tactics do need some addressing – not to mention controlling emotions from taking over.

In the CW series, Kara has had her share of going on the offensive before actually thinking of what may happen. Such has led to dire consequences though most know that this is part of the script. Hence, Ollie could end up being a mentor to teach the super-powered alien to make wiser decisions, something Queen did for Barry.

As most know, that resulted in a more matured Flash compared to before.

Would it include the boy-girl relationship?

One of the things that Kara has been poor at is finding the right guy. Being a superhero, that is pretty tough to go by. Oliver Queen may not have the same superpowers but the fact that he is a vigilante and carries a double identity places anyone dear to him in trouble.

Seeing how Queen had his share of heartbreaks with past flings, it could be a sidelight. Kara has had only the regular “Supergirl” cast to confide in with Barry an extension when both meet up.

This is likely to be an add-on seeing how Oliver Queen could try to teach Kara on how to deal with enemies. The psychological nature of dealing with villains has been a tricky one and this is one thing Kara needs to realize.

Supergirl is the new kid among the four CW series so the plot could be something meant to push the show. It remains to be seen what the producers can come up with though getting Kara more involved may eventually help her further improve on the show’s essence.

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