Harvey Specter is hiding something from Mike Ross and Alex wants him to reveal everything. In “Suits” Season 7, Episode 7, Mike wants to keep the prison case alive. But, it is time and Harvey is losing his patience over it. Will he fire him from the firm? Warning: This article contains spoilers from the new episode. Read only if you wish to know more.

No turning back for Mike

Harvey or Rachel, there is nobody who can convince Mike to back out from the case and he is willing to take it to the criminal court. In “Suits” Season 7, episode 6, it was trouble from the start for Ross.

Harvey has been trying his best to make him stay away from the prison case but he went to the court. He was upset but Alex and Harvey were right as he had violated the agreement. Elsewhere, Harvey is not ready to share any details as he can't trust him anymore.

Mike and Rachel’s relationship in trouble

Rachel is stuck between Harvey and Mike. She doesn’t want to lie to Harvey but will have to stand with Ross. The prison case is taking a massive toll on their relationship. It is evident in the promo trailer video for the forthcoming installment. “I am going to get the case opened in criminal court,” he says in the video. “Mike, he could fire you for this,” Rachel shares her concern. However, he is not ready to back down from the path that he has chosen.

He is ready to leave the firm for the case. Watch the trailer below.

Pep talk for Louis

Dr. Lipschitz, Louis’ psychotherapist, wants him to come out of his comfort zone and win the day. In the last episode of the legal drama show, Stephanie, who was berated by Louis, decided to go after him legally and sue him for sexual harassment.

Moreover, she had a strong case against him as the room was full of people who can testify.

Meanwhile, according to Variety, the finale of “Suits” Season 7 will act as the back door for the new spinoff show starring Gina Torres and take Jessica Pearson’s story forward. Chris McCumber from NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment praised the actress and called the character a powerhouse who has won the hearts of fans across the world.

The network is yet to announce the official release date for the new spinoff show.

“USA Network is beyond thrilled to work with Gina, Aaron Korsh, the entire ‘Suits’ producing team and our partners at UCP to explore the exciting next phase of Jessica’s story,” McCumber said. “Suits” Season 7’s sixth installment will hit the airwaves on Wednesday, Aug. 23 on USA Network.