ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise” returned for its fourth season tonight. Fans were anticipating this premiere since earlier this summer when it was announced that production was shut down due to alleged sexual misconduct. The show later resumed filming, but fans were left wondering what happened that was so scandalous.

Who’s looking for love?

The episode opened with several show alumni arriving in Mexico. Most of them were from Nick, Jojo and Rachel’s seasons, but there were a few BIP alumni there as well, including Amanda Stanton and Vinny Ventiera.

Other fan favorites (and controversial figures) that arrived included Raven Gates, Jack Stone, Alex Woytkiw, Alexis Waters and Jasmine Goode.

The show kicked off with everyone bonding and mingling, excited to find love. Chris Harrison says that this time, the ladies would be choosing the men and who they want to date, while the men would be on the chopping block. Usually, it is the other way around.

Kristina and Dean go out on their date and seem to hit it off. They enjoyed a night of dinner, dancing, and mariachi bands.

Lacey and Iggy also hit it off and are actually quite adorable. However, she had to leave due to a family emergency, so their romance ended before it really began.

Jasmine and Nick hit it off initially, but he got too drunk so she moved on to Matt.

So long, Jorge!

Fans know Jorge as the lovable bartender who was always there for a good drink and sympathetic ear for the contestants. However, he announced that he took another job and that Wells from JoJo’s season will be taking his place. We will miss Jorge and his amazing presence.

The controversy

However, the biggest scandal of the night came later on in the episode.

As fans of the show know, Corrine Olympios and DeMario Jackson, both of whom caused a lot of controversy on their seasons, were both in paradise for the initial filming. However, accusations of alleged sexual misconduct between the two caused the season to halt production. Tonight was the first time we got to see what really happened between the two.

At first, it seemed like the two of them were getting along. They teased each other, fooled around, and kissed a lot. They even took their "fun" to the pool and it seemed as if everything was going well and that a super couple was blossoming.

However, before the rose ceremony, we see DeMario and Corrine being pulled away by producers and cameramen stop filming. Everyone is confused and we have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happened.