Mandy Harvey wowed the people all around the world with her very touching performance during the auditions. She sang a song about trying to reach someone’s dream (referring to hear) despite the difficulties of getting there. The 29-year old singer lost her hearing completely at the age of 18 and has been trying to get back to singing since the word “Try” meant a lot to her.

Many people might be wondering how she still manages to sing despite her disability. Mandy Harvey uses sound vibrations in order to catch the tempo and the rhythm of the songs that she is trying to sing.

After more than a decade of trying to get back to her singing path, Harvey finally mastered it with the support of her father and decided to join "America’s Got Talent" (AGT). Harvey became an overnight star after Simon Cowell finally hit the Golden Buzzer for Harvey to proceed directly to the live shows.

AGT Judge’s reaction to Harvey’s performance

Back in the live shows, the famous “Deaf Singer” Harvey sang another original song which garnered a very warm reception from both the audience and the judges. Simon Cowell, who brought her straight to the live shows was amazed for the second time. After the judges gave a standing ovation to Mandy Harvey’s performance, the judges started to express their emotions to Harvey, who was also very happy.

The Judge made a sign language (clapping) instead of actual clapping as it would mean nothing to Harvey because she can’t hear those. After Harvey’s performance, Cowell comments that there are so many things that he wanted to tell Harvey. It was also evident in Cowell’s eyes that he was shedding some tears because of the moving performance.

Given that Simon is very much particular to the voice quality of a singing star and that he expresses so many good things about Harvey, it is evident that the “Deaf Singer” Harvey would eventually proceed to the semi-finals. During the results night, it was never a question why Harvey will be going straight ahead of her competitors as the singer brought an angelic performance that all of the judges and viewers loved.

The Story behind Harvey’s “Mara Song”

After the Judges said what they had to say about Harvey’s performance, "AGT" host Tyra Banks asked the “Deaf Singer” who she was singing the song for. The singer then replied with her shaky voice that it was her cousin “Mara” and her husband who was actually in her mind as she sings. She also adds that it was meant to tell her cousin that she will always be there for her.