International pop singer Britney Spears has inspired Fans following the recent rallies in Virginia. A recent online petition urged the state government to replace the existing Confederate statues in New Orleans with monuments of the female singer. Since she is a native of Louisiana, honoring the pop idol in her home state sounds like a great plan to many who have signed. listed down a recent petition created by a fan named Kassie Thibodeaux, who urged Governor John Bel Edwards to honor Spears by replacing Confederate statues with the likeness of Britney Spears.

She noted that the singer is an actual hero of Louisiana, citing the many charitable projects and fund-raising efforts she has done for the state.

“Aside from proving her talent, Britney has proven her strength and character but not only overcoming a highly publicized mental issue but by consistently working toward improving herself. She has inspired millions,” the fan wrote on the petition.

She added that before becoming an influential pop star, the “Outrageous” singer has lived her life in a small town located south of the state – Kentwood, Louisiana. She also listed some of the many contributions the singer offered to her home town.

Around 6,000 supporters have signed the petition so far.

The petition has a requirement to reach 7,500 supporters, and only around 1,500 are needed to take it further.

Britney’s contributions

Thibodeaux, the person behind the petition, enumerated some of the major contributions of Spears to Louisiana. She specifically noted her fund-raising projects that were brought to relief programs during Hurricane Katrina.

According to the petition, “The Britney Spears Foundation” was able to raise almost $600,000 for charity campaigns during the tragic hurricane. She also raised funds for the flood victims in her home state, partnering with TV host Ellen DeGeneres and Red Cross in 2016. The partnership reportedly raised around $250,000 for the relief efforts.

Presently, the fan in the petition noted that proceeds from her Las Vegas shows were donated to schools in her continuous recovery projects for flooding victims. The earnings will reportedly help teachers buy the necessary supplies that local students need.

“She’s already earned her own place on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame, and her home state seeks to honor her with a piece that she deserves,” the fan wrote. She urged the state officials to “do the right thing.”

Confederate statues

Confederate monuments were major elements during the recent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia. Protesters campaigned for the removal of these statues. Many have come down in recent days after the backlash over the nationalist rallies and sentiments that escalated during the previous weeks.